About the Centre

Welcome to the Gerontology Research Centre

As Director of the Gerontology Research Centre (GRC), I welcome the gerontological community to join the GRC in embracing the challenges and opportunities ahead of us in the face of rapid population aging and social change in Canada and globally. There is little doubt that we require new research knowledge and innovative translation into practice at an accelerated pace. 

The GRC will continue to support and expand several significant research networks, collaborative research grants, conferences and lecture series nested in the GRC, fund raising, and post-doctoral training fellowships, all of which lay a strong foundation for the GRC. I am committed to enhancing the well-established community engagement activities that have defined the GRC since its inception. My roles on a variety of boards, committees, and organizations, especially my recent one as Chair of the National Seniors Council of Canada, will be instrumental in achieving these goals. 

The GRC has a strong team of individuals with interdisciplinary expertise, training and skills devoted to improving the lives of older adults through research and its translation into knowledge through outreach and substantive changes to the policy and practice arenas. We look forward to continuing our collaborations and seeing you at our knowledge-sharing events.

Andrew Wister
Director, GRC

Celebrating 40 years