Tong Louie Living Lab

In addition to the endowment from the late Dr. Tong Louie, the Living Lab is supported by various grants. See below for both active and completed grants from within the last five years:

Active Grants

April 2020–March 2025
Canham, S.L. 
(Co-Is: Wister, A. + 13 Co-Is/Collaborators). Aging in the Right Place: Building Capacity for Promising Practices that Support Older People Experiencing Homelessness in Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver. CMHC & SSHRC: Housing Partnership Grant. Total: $1,375,000. 

Completed Grants

February 2021–January 2022
Wister, A.
 (Co-I: Chaudhury, H., Partner: Healthy Aging CORE by United Way). COVID-19 community wellbeing and socioeconomic deprivation in BC: environmental scan towards neighbourhood social capital. SSHRC: Partnership Engage Grant: Special Initiative COVID-19. Total: $24,850.

September 2020–August 2021
Cosco, T. D. 
(Co-Is: Wister, A.Sixsmith, A., Sparrey, C., & Schiphorst, T.). COVID-19: mental health needs and technological interventions for social connectedness amongst older older adults. SSHRC: Partnership Engage Grant: Special Initiative COVID-19. Total: $25,000.

April 2020–March 2023
Cosco, T. D. (Co-Is: Ester, M., Moreno, S. Wister, A.) Precision mental health: a stakeholder-informed, big data approach to psychological wellbeing.” AGE-WELL: Core Research Project. Total: $474,0000.

March 2020–March 2021
Best, J. R.: PI (Co-Is: Cosco, T. D.Wister, A.). Cognitive aging in Canadian women and men: an exploration of environmental contributors and interactions with individual factors. CIHR: Operating Grant. Total: $74,240.

April 2019–April 2021
Cosco, T. D.
 (Co-Is: Ester, M., Moreno, S. Wister, A.). Artificial intelligence approaches to precision mental health: Convening experts and stakeholders to ensure the acceptability and feasibility of motion-sensing data-capture technology in older adult populations. CIHR: Planning and Dissemination Grant. Total: $25,000/$50,000 (including fund matching from Digital Health Circle).

April 2019–April 2021
Cosco, T. D. (Co-Is: Kobayashi, L., Mackey, D., & Wister, A.). Resilience and healthy aging across the life course: a longitudinal analysis of psychological wellbeing and physical adversity. CIHR: CLSA Catalyst Grant. Direct to Cosco/GRC: $66,100.

December 2018–March 2021
Blaber, A. (Co-Is: Gutman, G., McPherson, L., Scarisbrick, T., Tavololian, K. & Xu, D.). From orbit to bedside: using space-based bed-rest techniques to study cardio-vascular and skeletal muscle-pump orthostatic reflexes with and without a strength and HIT exercise intervention to prevent falls in older adult patients after hospitalization. CIHR. Total: $200,000.

October 2018–August 2019
Gutman, G. (Co-Is: Chaudhury, H. & Carr, M.). A pilot clinical trial of an interactive digital technology (MindfulGarden) in treatment of disruptive behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia in a care home setting. Good Samaritan Delta View Care Centre, Ltd.: Contract. Direct to Gutman/GRC: $82,859.

September 2018–March 2021
Gutman, G.
 Feasibility study of an interactive digital technology in reducing bathing-related agitation in a residential care facility. AGE-WELL: SIP Accelerator Program Grant. Direct to Gutman/GRC: $39,079.

September 2018–August 2019
Chaudhury, H. & Hung, L.. Innovating together: WORKing with technologies in dementia care (IT WORKs). MSFHR: Reach Grant. Total: $10,000.

January 2018–December 2018
Wister, A.
 & Danielsen, C. (Co-I: Canham, S. L., Project Partners: Providence Healthcare & Catholic Charities Shelter Services). Determining the feasibility of a medical respite intervention study for older homeless patients in Vancouver, BC. MSFHR: BC SUPPORT Unit Pathway to Patient-Oriented Research (P2P) Grant. Direct to Wister/GRC: $19,992.56.

March 2017–March 2021
You, J. (Co-Is: Gutman, G., Howard, M., Kaasalainen, S., Sussman, T., Simon, J., Jayaraman, D., Kobewka, D., … Heyland, D.). Improving advance care planning for frail elderly Canadians. Canadian Frailty Network. Total: $2,676,698, Direct to Gutman/GRC: $356,408.

April 2017–March 2019
Wister, A.
Canham, S. L., Bosma, H., & Mauboules, C. (Co-Applicants: Greater Vancouver Shelter Society & Providence Healthcare). Supporting partnerships between health and homelessness. Greater Vancouver Shelter Society: Homelessness Partnering Strategy. Direct to Wister/GRC: $128,135.

March 2017–March 2019
Wister, A. (Co-Is: Lear, S., Mackey, D., Rosin, M., & Schuurman, N.). A multilevel analysis of functional, social and psychological multimorbidity resilience and aging. CIHR: CLSA Catalyst Grant. Direct to Wister/GRC: $70,000.

January 2017–December 2017
Wister, A.
 & Canham, S. L. (Co-Applicant: Greater Vancouver Shelter Society). Evaluating the housing first approach in the Metro Vancouver Region. Greater Vancouver Shelter Society: Homelessness Partnering Strategy. Direct to Wister/GRC: $53,147.

September 2016–December 2019
Chaudhury, H.
, Whitehurst, D., McGrail, K., Bryan, S., & Lear, S. Enhancing autonomy and participation in older adults of British Columbia: an evaluation the Better at Home program. Total: $322,050.

September 2016–May 2019
Keller, H. (Co-I: Chaudhury, H.). Making the Most of Mealtimes (M3): determinants of food intake in long-term care. CIHR: Operating Grant. Total: $979,160.

September 2016–January 2017
Wister, A. & Canham, S. L. Research into gaps in facility care for East Asian cultural groups. S.U.C.C.E.S.S.: 6-Month Grant. Direct to Wister/GRC: $18,500.

April 2015–March 2018
Mortenson, B. & Routhier, F. (Co-Is: Wister, A., Demers, L., Fast, J., & Rushton, P.). Innovative technology for caregivers. AGE-WELL: Core Research Program: 3-Year Grant. Total: $290,318.