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Group-generated study guide

Use this group-generated study guide assignment to encourage students to work effectively in teams while building professional skills.

This resource supports: Personal Development. Read more about personal development >


This assignment is designed to help students work through, remember, and integrate course information while building professional skills such as note taking, group work, and study skills.


Students are asked to work in groups of four or five to develop a one-page study guide related to a particular course topic. They then post these guides on Canvas for other students to use in preparing for exams. Students must create and hand in a group contract for how they will work together as a group, and are graded on the quality of the team work as well as the quality of the product.


This activity was developed for use in a large undergraduate psychology class of 150 students.


Students report that this activity has helped them to develop study skills, work effectively in groups, and feel more prepared for exams.