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Two-Minute Write & Reflect

Jenny Scott uses a two-minute write and reflect activity to help create social connection and positive classroom culture by having students reflect on and share their experiences with the course material.

This resource supports: Social Connection. Read more about social connection >

How it works

Ask your students to take two minutes to “free write” at the start of class. Encourage them to reflect on their progress in the course, but also on their general state of mind.

Remind your students that what they write is for themselves only, but you will give them an opportunity to share in their own words a few sentences about “where they are at” today, based on what came up for them during the writing process. Then ask students to volunteer to share with the class.


This activity is best in a group of 30 or less students. In larger groups, students can still free write, but are asked to share “where they are at today”, in small groups with those students sitting near them rather than as a whole class.


Students report that this activity has helped them to connect with one another and creates a sense of connection in class. It also gives them permission to share questions about their progress in the class in an informal and welcoming way.