Nicole Jackson

Associate Professor

International Studies

Nicole Jackson

Associate Professor

International Studies


Ph.D. London School of Economics, Government

MSc. London School of Economics, Comparative Government

BA.(hons) University of Toronto, Trinity College, Political Science

Areas of Specialization

·      Foreign and Security Policy

·      Russian Foreign Policy

·      International Relations of Eurasia

·      Post Soviet Central Asia

·      Securitization

·      Regional Security Organizations

·      Changing Nature of Warfare

·      Hybrid Challenges and Disinformation

·      Canadian Foreign and Security Policy


Nicole Jackson is Associate Professor of International Studies at SFU. Previously, she was Assistant Professor in the Department of Political and International Studies at The University of Warwick, UK. Her research interests lie at the intersection of foreign policy, domestic politics, and security studies. Her regional focus is the former Soviet space, primarily Russia.  She has been conducting research in Russia and in post-Soviet Central Asia since 1994.

For over 20 years, Jackson’s research has primarily addressed the evolution of Russian foreign policy, including the role of ideas and elite perceptions and the processes and results of foreign and security policy making. Most recently, she has written on Canadian and Western government perceptions and policy responses to Russia. Her aim is to contribute to academic debates and contextualized empirical studies, as well as to the practical consideration of existing and alternative policy options for a more secure and peaceful world.

Jackson’s research includes three major lines of inquiry. These address, in various ways, state securitization and the relationship between foreign policy ideas and perceptions, policy output and actions (diplomatic and military). First, she has a longstanding interest in analysing Russia’s state discourse and its military and hybrid (non-military) actions in civil and separatist wars in the former Soviet space. Second, she contributes to academic debates on securitization by examining states and organizations’ rhetorical and practical securitization of various challenges. This work has focused mostly on Russian and other actors in the post-Soviet Central Asian region and contributes to the empirical and theoretical assessment of post-Soviet Central Asian regional security challenges. Third, Jackson adds to intellectual debates about the ‘changing nature of warfare’ through research on Canadian and NATO rhetoric and policies towards Russia (and other) hybrid challenges, including disinformation.

You can read a detailed interview with Dr. Jackson were she touches on her research background here.


Single Authored Manuscript

Russian Foreign Policy and the CIS; Theories, Debates and Actions, (London and New York: Routledge, 2003).

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Other Publications

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Recent Media Contributions

What are Canada’s Options in Ukraine”, Policy Options, June 6, 2022. (re-printed in The Tyee June 8, 2022)

Three Ways Putin’s War in Ukraine is Affecting the Former Soviet States, The Conversation, May 31, 2022. (re-printed in Asia Times, June 1, 2022)

Russia’s actions in post-Soviet wars provide clues to its brutal Ukraine invasion”, The Conversation, March 16, 2022; (reprinted The National Post, March 17, 2022)

The world can understand Russia through decades of regional conflicts”, Globe and Mail, March 3, 2022.

Recent Recorded Public Talks on Ukraine in 2022

Jackson’s Testimony on Situation in Ukraine, Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence, Senate of Canada, Jun2 20th, 2022.

 Co-Organizer and Presenter “Understanding the War in Ukraine: A Panel with SFU Experts” SFU Public Square and SIS 13 April 2022.

“Ramifications of Russia-Ukraine War on the Post Soviet Region and Russia’s Role”, Panel on Global Impact of the War on Ukraine (with Alex Moens and Luca Rati) April 25, 2022 SFU Burnaby.

Previous Years

·       IS200 Historical Perspectives in Diplomacy, Security and International Law

·       IS 304/Pol 349/IS808 Russian Foreign Policy

·       IS 409 Global Security Governance

·       IS409 Security Studies

·       IS 409 Regional Security Organizations

·       IS 322/IS909 Post Soviet Central Asia

·       IS 412 Central Asia Security and Development


Jackson has been supervising undergraduate honours students and graduate students from around the world since 2003. She welcomes students working on international and security issues. She is especially keen to engage with student interested in Russia and Eurasian foreign and security policy, and Canadian foreign policy towards the region. In Canada, her students have gone on to further graduate work and to jobs at Global Affairs, DND, CSIS, NATO, the UN, Canada’s Border Services amongst other government and non-governmental agencies.

Notice: She will be on sabbatical from September 2024-August 2025.