Why choose International Studies?

•  Examine real-world problems through an interdisciplinary lens

From climate change and armed conflict to poverty and global pandemics, the most significant problems in the world today are multifaceted: they have political, economic, and social dimensions. Understanding these problems, and developing effective responses, requires an interdisciplinary approach. Courses in international studies are drawn from various disciplines, including: international relations, economics, sociology, anthropology, and history.

•  Expand your career options and potential

With its applied and interdisciplinary focus, international studies opens up a truly vast array of career possibilities. Our graduates have gone on to careers in diplomacy, law, international development, policy analysis, humanitarianism, journalism, public administration, communications, security and global risk management, and more. In many cases, these careers require further study, and a bachelor’s degree in IS can be an excellent springboard to postgraduate study in a wide range of fields.

•  Tailor a program to your own interests

Choose from one of three specialized concentrations:

  • International Security and Conflict
  • Comparative World Politics, Culture and Society
  • International Development, Economic and Environmental Issues

As an official part of the IS program, your concentration will be recorded on your transcript and become a valuable part of your credential. Learn more about our concentrations.

•  Develop transferable skills that are valued by employers

Our courses are designed to help you develop the skills of critical thinking, research and analysis, evaluation of data, policy writing, creative problem-solving, communication, negotiation, and more. In addition to its for-credit courses, the School offers many other professional development opportunities oriented toward internationally-engaged careers, including skills-development workshops, as well as events that draw on the School’s international network of alumni.

•  Gain international experience while earning credit

In our field practice course, IS majors have an opportunity to earn academic credit if they choose to volunteer internationally. SFU’s study abroad and exchange programs are also excellent options for gaining international experience. IS majors can apply for the Simons Foundation Travel Award, which can be used to cover various expenses related to international travel. 

•  Join a vibrant community of students from Canada and around the world

Develop new friendships with students who share your passion for international affairs, and begin to build a global network.





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