Undergraduate Program

Study, Explore, and Make a Difference in the World

Do you see yourself as part of a world that extends beyond where you currently live? Are you motivated to think and work internationally, in pursuit of a more peaceful and just world?  Are you curious to learn about societies, economies, and political systems in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, or the Middle East?  If so, then the undergraduate Major in International Studies may be perfect for you.

We are a community of scholars, teachers, and students who work on real world issues:  we seek to bridge the gap between what goes on in the university and what goes on in the places we study.  Mostly, we work on regions facing significant challenges, whether it be long-standing conflicts, a lack of stable institutions that can protect human rights, or institutions that maintain or deepen economic inequality and poverty.

We believe that all of us have a role to play in resolving these issues, not as members of the so-called “developed” world, but as partners with individuals, grassroots organizations, and communities across the planet that are taking up the work of peacebuilding and Human Development.


Samaah Jaffer, a changemaker, speaks on her experience at SFU and in the broader community, and offers advice to future students.

Anoop Virk speaks on why she was drawn to International Studies at SFU and the people who inspire her to understand and tackle social justice issues.

Claudia Arrieta speaks on the key to her success which has also been her her biggest challenge: getting and staying organized to establish and maintain balance in her home-life, work-life, school-life.

Aleks Besan speaks on her interest in social justice issues and how the interdisciplinary approach in International Studies provided her with tools to explore and form critical perspectives on complex issues.  

Raied Haj Yahya speaks on promoting cross-cultural understanding as a means towards social justice.