Cecile, International Studies Travel Award recipient, in Ifrane, Morocco (2016).

Funding & awards

MA Applicants

Entrance Scholarships

The School for International Studies at SFU offers full tuition coverage for the first year of study to all students entering the Masters of Arts in International Studies (MAIS) cohort program. Available awards range from $6,500 to $25,000.

Current students

School for International Studies resources

The Simons Foundation International Travel Grant

The Simons Foundation International Travel Grant provides support to declared International Studies Majors or Master’s Students to undertake study, research, internship, or other volunteership opportunities abroad.

Terms of reference
  • The award is valued up to a maximum of $6,000 and is tenable in the Fall, Spring or Summer term.
  • Applicants must be actively enrolled, declared IS Majors or Master’s students.
  • Awards are allocated according to demonstrated financial need and student achievement.
  • Students may only hold one ISTA during their studies at the university.
  • There are two application intakes each year. The deadline for submission is October 1 or February 1.
  • Awards will be dispersed after proof of completion is documented.
  • The recipient will submit a one-page essay on the experience within one month of return.
Application requirements

Submit the following documents to profdev@sfu.ca:

  • advising transcript in PDF format (sorted by both term and subject)
  • one-page document that includes:
    • Description of the proposed learning opportunity.
    • Explanation of how the experience would support your academic and career objectives, and foster engaged, global citizenship.

Given the Covid-19 context, our School is well aware that travel possibilities are entirely ambiguous at this point. With that, we know that students typically have a placement confirmation about three or so months before departure, at latest. And so, this year, the School is welcoming applications for the Simons Foundation International Travel Grant, and is prepared to give provisional awards, contingent on approval from SFU International for students to resume travel. At this point, we are hopeful and feel that we can reasonably conceive that regular travel and exchange may resume by next summer.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistantships (TA) are usually available in the fall and spring terms. TA positions will be circulated to International Studies graduate students as they become available.  All TA/TM positions are posted on the Dean of Graduate Studies website.

Other graduate resources at SFU

Graduate Fellowships

A limited number of Graduate Fellowships are awarded to students in the Fall and Spring terms. 

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Graduate International Travel and Research Award

The GIRTA provides support to students who must travel outside of Canada in order to undertake research for their degree requirements. The award is valued to a maximum of $6,250 and is tenable only in the term in which the travel is occuring.  

GSS Professional Development Grants

The GSS is proud to provide a source of funding to graduate students presenting at conferences or engaging in field research. Graduate students taking part in these professional development activities may apply for a grant of $499. Grants are distributed by lottery to top-scoring applications coded according to an objective system established by the GSS Grants Allocation Committee.

Various deadlines.  

See GSS Professional Development Grant website →

Please direct questions to the GSS and not to IS.

Mitacs Globalink Research Award

The Mitacs Globalink Research Award provides $6,000 for senior undergraduate and graduate students in Canada to conduct 12–24-week research projects at universities overseas.

Private Awards

Private awards vary in amount and numbers depending on the terms of reference of the award, as well as the availability of funds. Applications for all private awards are only accepted once a year. All private awards are normally disbursed in the Fall term. Please read the terms of reference to ensure eligibility before submitting an application.

Travel and Minor Research Awards

These funds are intended to help graduate students with their research related expenses.  Students who have been accepted to present at a conference are also eligible. 

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David Lam Centre for International Communication

The David Lam Centre provides various research funding opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students.