SoTL 102: Formulating an Inquiry Project

After participating in SoTL 101, it’s time to put your own project together. The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning uses systematic and deliberate inquiry into teaching practices and ways to support student learning. As a field, we strive to engage in a range of methodologies, disciplinary perspectives, and epistemologies to inform our scholarly activity using Felten’s (2013) principles of SoTL:

  1. Inquire about student learning; 
  2. Ground teaching and learning in context;
  3. Use methodologically sound approaches;  
  4. Treat students as partners in their learning; and 
  5. Share our findings 

To do this, we support instructors to:

  • Ask meaningful questions about your teaching practice(s): What is working well? Perhaps you want to better understand student behaviour? Explore new technologies? What can you learn from working with other instructors?
  • Conceptualize your approach to understand these practices and their impact: We understand that learning is an evolving process, and support projects through various levels of development. From brainstorming to formal presentation to educational leadership and everything in between. 
  • Develop methods and processes for reflection and action: Sound approaches are central to the scholarship of teaching and learning. 
  • Share and connect with peers: It’s important to share lessons learned – both positive and negative – with fellow practitioners.

Come explore our research approach and discuss with our team and research peers new or established ideas about conducting inquiry-research. 

In this workshop you will be guided through crafting an inquiry question that can be implemented in existing courses or as part of planning for a future, SoTL research project.

You will: 

  • Identify your inquiry topic; 
  • Receive guidance on how to learn more about your topic; 
  • Support peers in their inquiry research;
  • Explore ways to implement your inquiry question; 
  • Discuss tips to plan for future, larger SoTL research projects 

For smaller questions, you can start today! For larger, funded projects, times vary depending on the type of investigation you are planning and how developed your idea already is. Many components will be iterative (e.g., lesson planning & writing and revision) and it is not uncommon for projects to take 1-2 years to complete. 

Who should attend SoTL 102? 
**Note: All participants in 102 are required to attend SoTL 101. You will only have to attend SoTL 101 once.**

  • Instructors ready to start doing inquiry-research at SFU 
  • Instructors who are planning for a larger, SoTL research project 
  • Instructors or staff keen to support colleagues in developing their research ideas 

How to register:

If you are interested in participating in SoTL 102, please register using our online form. We will ask participants to indicate all preferred dates/times and in-person/zoom preference. We will require a minimum of 5 participants for each offering. 


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