August 03, 2021

Looking for undergraduate research experience in Linguistics?

There's so much to explore through our Linguistics Department Research Directory.

The types of positions we advertise are either...

  • Volunteer: Unpaid; hours and length of commitment are variable;
  • Paid Research Assistantship: Paid from a research grant or department funds; hours and length of commitment are variable;
  • Work-Study: Paid by Financial Aid & Awards. For eligibility and to apply, visit the SFU Work-Study program.

** NEW FOR FALL 2021: In order to increase the number of paid undergraduate research opportunties, we are launching a pilot program aimed at NEW students who have not previously been employed as RAs in Linguistics. If you're interested in volunteering or working as an RA, please fill out this application (you will need an unofficial student transcript and recent resume). You may apply to more than one project in your application.

Key Dates:
August 3, 2021: Positions for the Fall semester posted
August 9, 2021: Deadline to apply for Fall positions

Please see our RA and volunteer postings directory page for full details such as projects summaries, as well as information about whether professors are seeking students to be involved in their research.