Accelerated MA in Linguistics: Complete your BA and MA in 5 Years

The accelerated MA in Linguistics serves the needs of advanced undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing graduate degrees. This program will provide a seamless transition between a BA and an MA in Linguistics and at the same time shorten the time to complete both degrees. 

Admission Requirements

Students enrolled in a BA are qualified to be admitted into the accelerated program once they have satisfactorily completed at least 90 credits of undergraduate course work with a CGPA of at least 3.67/4.33. Detailed additional admissions guidelines are available here.

Application to the Accelerated MA Program

Applications to the accelerated MA program follow the same timelines and process as regular graduate admission. Applications should be made one to two terms prior to your BA graduation. When you are ready to apply, please contact the Graduate Program Assistant. Note that financial support is available only to those who have completed their BA degree. 

Program Structure

Students are assigned a temporary senior supervisor when admitted into the program; in most cases, it is expected that the student will continue working with and complete their MA thesis under the direction of this supervisor.

Students are expected to complete the BA, and most of the coursework for the MA, in the first year of the accelerated program. Once the BA degree is conferred, students become graduate students and are then eligible to apply for TAships and graduate awards. Students would be expected to complete the MA in one year (3 semesters) following the completion of the BA.

Although there is no limit on the number of graduate units an undergraduate student can take for credit toward their undergraduate degree (as long as the student is approved by the department to take the graduate courses for credit), students will only be eligible to use a maximum of 10 graduate units, taken during their undergraduate degree, towards the graduate program.

Students are expected to maintain a 3.67 CGPA at the BA level and at least a 3.0 CGPA at the MA level.


If you have questions about the accelerated MA program, please contact the Graduate Program Assistant.