Core Areas

Morphology: AldereteGerdtsMellow, Pappas 
Phonetics: Bliss, MunroRoberts, Wang, Yeung 
Phonology: Alderete, Farris-Trimble, Perry, Yeung
Semantics: GerdtsHanHedberg, Moulton, Grant
Syntax: BlissGerdts, GrantHan, HedbergHeift, Mellow, Moulton, PappasTaboada

Applied Linguistics

Computer assisted language learning: Heift
Foreign language learning: Wong 
Foreign language pedagogy: Hilgendorf
Language planning and literacy: Hilgendorf
Second language acquisition: Bliss, Farris-TrimbleHeift, Hilgendorf, Mellow, Munro, TaboadaWang, Yeung
Teaching English for Academic Purposes (TEAP): Wong 

Computational Linguistics

Corpus linguistics: Han, Hedberg, Heift, Taboada
Information retrieval and text processing: Taboada
Tree Adjoining Grammar: Han
Natural Language Processing Lab

Language and Cognition

Language acquisition: Farris-Trimble, Han, Heift, Hilgendorf, Mellow, Wang, Yeung, Wong
Language learnability: Alderete
Neurolinguistics: Wang, Yeung
Psycholinguistics: Farris-Trimble, GrantWang, Yeung
Language Production: Alderete

Experimental Linguistics

Articulatory phonetics: Bliss
Experimental syntax: Han, Moulton, Grant
Laboratory phonetics: Munro, Wang
Laboratory phonology: AldereteFarris-Trimble, Yeung

Discourse Analysis and Pragmatics

Information structure: Hedberg, Mellow, Taboada
Phrasal phonology and intonation: Hedberg
Systemic-functional linguistics: Taboada
Text analysis and narrative structure: Gerdts, Ignace

First Nations Languages and Primary Linguistic Description

Athabaskan: Alderete (Tahltan, Navajo)
Algonquian: Bliss (Blackfoot), Mellow (Anihshininiimowin, Cree)
Haida: Ignace
Salish: Gerdts (Halkomelem), Ignace (Secwepemctsin)
Halkomelem Ethnobotany Project
Sm'algyax: Ignace
Language education, maintenance and revitalization: Alderete, BlissGerdts, Mellow, Perry, Ignace

Additional Language Specializations

Chinese: Wang
Greek: Pappas
German: Heift, Hilgendorf
Korean/Japanese: Han
Spanish: Taboada

Linguistic Variation

Anthropological linguistics: Ignace
Historical linguistics: Pappas
Language contact: Hilgendorf
Sociolinguistics: Hilgendorf, Pappas
Typology: Alderete, BlissGerdts

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