Research Participation System

The Research Participation System (RPS) at the Department of Linguistics at SFU provides students with exposure to linguistic phenomena, other linguistics research, and/or research ethics. Moreover, if you choose to participate in a RPS research study, you have the opportunity to experience what research in linguistics is like and come to understand that linguistics is a science. At the same time, you can earn credit towards participating linguistics courses.

Instructions to Linguistics Students

(Students from EDUC 222, please consult your syllabus linked below for details of RPS credit assignment!) Linguistics RPS credits can be accumulated in the following ways:

  1. One RPS credit is awarded for at every half-hour of research participation in a sanctioned research project through the RPS system in the Department of Linguistics. Participation is voluntary. You may participate in more than research project, but you may not repeat research projects to multiply credits awarded. You can find a list of available sanctioned projects below. Please use the direct booking link or send an email to the contact person of the study to make an appointment.
  2. One RPS credit is awarded for listening to 1-hour's worth of a podcast from this list. To claim your credit, please complete a half-page summary (single-spaced) for each hour of podcast time that you listened to. This summary must include a) the URL and duration of the podcast, b) the title and author of the podcast, and c) a minimum 300 word summary of its contents. Send this summary in PDF format using this webform.
  3. One RPS credit is awarded for attending a 1-hour colloquium from our department, or any session at a Lingustics conference offered this term (colloquia in our department are open to anyone [Lists of colloquia], and many conferences are free – do not pay for conferences [Lists of conferences]). To claim your credit, please complete a half-page summary (single-spaced) of what you heard. This summary must include a) the title and date of the conference (must be during this semester), b) the name of the session you attended, and c) a 300 word summary of the session contents – it is certainly OK not to understand everything – simply include what questions you have about the content of this talk or presentation in your summary. Send this in PDF format using this webform.
  4. One RPS credit is awarded for completing a 3-hour online Research Ethics Tutorial sanctioned by Canada's official research agencies. Upon completion, you will be given a PDF of a certificate of completion with your name. Please note that the date of training completion must be during this semester (i.e., prior completions do not count). Send this PDF using this webform.

General instructions:

  • Each set of points can be applied to ONE course only (no duplication of points)
  • All points will be used during the current semester (no banking of points)
  • Different instructors may have different ways of including RPS points in their overall grade assessment. Please see their course syllabus or research engagement policy below (Participating Courses).
  • Deadline to participate - December 7, 2021

Participating Research Projects in Fall 2021 [subject to change]

Research Area Title Ethics Number Requirements Contact Location Number of credits
Syntax Grammar and Processing of Anaphoric Forms 2014s0209 Native English speakers

Sara Williamson


direct study link

1 credit

(about 30 min)

Phonology LexPo 21: Learning Complex Phonology

- English speakers (native or non-native)

- Normal hearing

- At least 18 years old

[Click here for booking]


1 credit

(30 min)

Syntax Imperative Phonetic Analysis
30000211 - Native English speakers
Jesse Weir
RCB 7420, X-Syn Lab
1 credit (30-45 min)
Phonology Phonology of Real and Fictional Names (FaNG)

- Must speak English (native or non-native) 

- Must have access to a computer (not mobile device) with an internet connection


[Click here for booking]

Ali Wilson


online 1 credit (30 min)
Phonology Handshape Markedness in ASL 2019s0434

- Normal or corrected-to-normal vision

- No familiarity with signed or tactile languages

[Click here for booking]

Lydia Castro

online 1 credit (30 min)

General inquiries

Please contact the RPS coordinator (Elise McClay) at