Theses and Dissertations 

Full text of Linguistics theses and dissertations are available via SFU's Summit and linked below.

2020 to present

2024, Magdalena Ivok, "An acoustic study of the production of English stress levels by English and Mandarin first-language speakers" (M.A.)

2023, Helen Zhang, "Creating an online Hul'q'umi'num dictionary for teachers and learners" (M.A.)

2022, Lucas Chambers, " Populist rhetoric: A functional linguistic view of pro-Brexit discourse" (M.A.)

2022, Lydia Castro, "Handshape markedness in American sign language" (M.A.)

2022, Jesse Weir, "Imperative phonetic analysis" (M.A.)

2022, Bingqing Yu, "The IF0 effect in the Hong Kong Cantonese tone system", (M.A.)  

2022, Keith Leung, "Perception-Production relationship of lexical tones" (Ph.D.)

2022, Rosemary Webb, "Hul’q’umi’num’ storytellers’ use of gestures to express space and viewpoint" (M.A.)

2022, Kelli Finney, "Negotiating Meaning in X̱aad Kíl (Northern Haida)" (Ph.D.)

2021, Ethan Pincott, "The Past and Present of Lexical Suffixes in the Sḵwx̱ wú7mesh language" (M.A.)

2021, Bouchra Kachoub, "English in the Expanding Circle of Morocco: Spread, uses, and functions" (Ph.D.)

2020, Irina Presnyakova, "Linguistic variation and ethnicity in a super-diverse community: The case of Vancouver English" (Ph.D.)

2020, Noureddine Elouazizi, "The formal syntax for licensing parenthetical verb clauses" (Ph.D.)

2020, Ronald Nederveen, "Embedded verb second in German: Experiments at the syntax-pragmatics interface" (M.A.)

2020, Zackary Gilkison, "How What Was Said Was Said: Quotation in Hul’q’umi’num’ Narrative Performance” (M.A)

2020, Stanley Anonby, "Prolonged multilingualism among the Sebuyau: An ethnography of communication" (Ph.D.)

2020, Xizi (Danielle) Deng, "Processing Tone and Vowel Information in Mandarin:  An Eye-tracking Study of Contextual Effects on Speech Processing" (M.A.)

2020, Noortje de Weers, "A critical (re-)assessment of the effect of speaker ethnicity on speech processing and evaluation" (Ph.D.) 

2020, Luca Cavasso,  "English as a voicing and aspirating language:  Evidence from nonnative speech perception"  (M.A.)

2010 to 2019

2019, Arwa Alosaimi, "Diglossia and Codeswitching among Public Figures in the Arabian Gulf Region" (M.A.)

2019, Heikal Badrulhisham, "Formulaicity of Affixes in Turkish" (M.A.)

2019, Emma Mileva, "A Conversation Analysis Approach to Alternative Medicine Sessions" (Ph.D.)

2019, Trevor Block, "Interspeaker Variation in the Syntactic Processing of Referential Singular They" (M.A.)

2019, Kyeong-Min Kim, "The syntax of Korean anaphora: An experimental investigation" (Ph.D.)

2018, Danica Reid, "Acoustic Cues Used by Leaners of English" (M.A.)

2018, Emilie Francis, "Misinfowars:  A Linguistic Analysis of Deceptive and Credible News" (M.A.)

2018, Sara Williamson, "Might Should We Consider This? Patterns of double modal inversion in Southern United States English" (M.A.)

2018, Wafa Al-Ali, "A grammar of religion: Metaphorical understanding of religious discourse" (M.A.)

2018, Lisa Shorten, "The Price of Admission: Private English schools at the Inner/Expanding Circle interface" (M.A.)

2017, Queenie Kwai Ying Chan, "Cantonese Jihgei: Subject-object Asymmetry and Non-subject Antecedent Potential" (M.A.)

2016, Pocholo Umbal, "The Canadian Shift among Filipinos in Metro Vancouver" (M.A.)

2016, Cassidy Foxcroft, "Including Indigenous languages in education: An analysis of Canadian policy documents" (M.A.)

2016, Alex Katz, "Politeness Theory and the Classification of English Speech Acts" (M.A.)

2016, Rima Ibata, "English Language Learning in Japan: Representations of the English Language and the Worlds of English Language Users" (Ph.D.)

2015, Kayleigh MacMillan, "Phonological Aquisition by children with Autism: a case study" (M.A.)

2015, Melissa MacAskill, "Experimental Exploration of Ambisyllabicity in English" (M.A.)

2015, Reem Alsadoon, "Vowel Blindness: Computer-mediated help options for Arabic EFL learners" (Ph.D.)

2015, Heidi Brumbaugh, "Self-assigned ranking of L2 vocabulary: using the Bricklayer computer game to assess depth of word knowledge" (Ph.D.)

2015, Fiona Wilson, "An investigation of the impact of frequency on the development of Latin to Spanish" (M.A.)

2014, Kevin Baetscher, "Interclausal and intraclausal linking elements in Hul’q’umi’num’ Salish" (M.A.)

2014, Daniel Chang, "Effects of Musical Experience and Linguistic Experience on Categorization of Melodic and Lexical Tones" (M.A.)

2014, Debopam Das, "Signalling of Coherence Relations in Discourse" (Ph.D.)

2014, Meghan Jeffrey, "Control over objects: an experimental investigation of transitive subject control" (M.A.)

2013, Amber Blenkiron, "Reduplication in Rotuman" (M.A.)

2013, Lindsay Leong, "Auditory priming effects on the production of second language speech sounds" (M.A.)

2013, Mehran Norafkan, "Learnability of cultural models through authentic materials: Focus on metaphorical competence and conceptual fluency" (Ph.D.)

2012, Parisa Erfani, "Azeri morphosyntax: The influence of Persian on a Turkic Language" (M.A.)

2012, Emrah Görgülü, "Semantics of nouns and the specification of number in Turkish" (Ph.D.)

2012, Xianghua Wu, "A cross-language investigation of phonetic and phonological processing of lexical tone" (Ph.D.)    

2012, Saya Kawase, "Effects of visual speech information on native listener judgments of L2 consonants" (M.A.)

2012, Jennifer Hinnell, "A construction analysis of  [be done x] in Canadian English" (M.A.)

2010, Anne Rimrott, "Computer-assisted vocabulary learning: multimedia annotations, word concreteness and individualized instruction" (Ph.D.)

2010, Dennis Storoshenko,  "A cross-linguistic account of reflexivity using synchronous tree adjoining grammar" (Ph.D.)

2010, Morgan Mameni,  " Epistemic implicature and inquisitive bias: a multidimensional semantics for polar interrogatives" (M.A.)

2010, Angela Cooper, "Effects of linguistic and musical experience on Cantonese tone word learning" (M.A.)

2000 to 2009

2009, Loreley Wiesemann, "The function of Spanish and English relative clauses in discourse and their segmentation in Centering Theory" (Ph.D.)

2009, David Potter, "A multiple dominance analysis of sharing coordination constructions using tree adjoining grammar" (M.A.)

2009, Emanuela Mileva, "Linguistic effects on the contact between Greek and Bulgarian languages for recent Bulgarian immigrants to Northern Greece" (M.A.)

2009, Tzu-ying (Vivian) Lee, "Juncture phrasing thresholds: a constraint-based approach to speech rate effects on Mandarin tone sandhi" (M.A.)

2009, Susan Russell, "Ways of talking Halkomelem: interaction in classroom procedural talk" (Ph.D. by Special Arrangements)

2009, Greg Coppola, "Logic and the comprehension of language" (M.A.)

2009, Julian Brooke, "A S\semantic A\approach to A\automated text sentiment analysis" (M.A.)

2009, Fereshteh Rezaeian, "Structural and social aspects of codeswitching among Iranian/Canadian bilinguals" (M.A.)

2009, Chi-Nin (Herman) Li, "Perception of foreign-accented clear speech by younger and older English listeners" (Ph.D.)

2008, Haisheng Jiang, "Effect of L2 phonetic learning on L1 vowels" (Ph.D.)

2008, Sam Al Khatib, "The semantics of vagueness:  supertruth, subtruth, and the cooperative principle" (M.A.)

2008, Loredana Andreea Kosa, "An argument for process-based morphology: subtractive morphology in Tohono-O'odham (Uto-Aztecan)" (M.A.)

2008, Lorna Fadden, "Prosodic profiles: Suspects' speech during police interviews" (Ph.D.)

2008, Lan Kim, "The ditransitive construction in Korean" (M.A.)

2007, Mayo Kudo, "A lexical semantic study of four-character Sino-Japanese compounds and its application to machine translation" (M.A.)

2007, Pagona-Niki Efstathopoulou, "The influence of second language learning on speech production by Greek/English bilinguals" (M.A.)

2006, Kwok Tim Choi, "Chinese SHI...DE focus constructions: an Optimality-Theoretic Proposal" (M.A.)

2006, Kaoru Kiyosawa, "Applicatives in Salish languages" (Ph.D.)

2006, Kwok Lai Connie So, "Effects of L1 prosodic background and AV training on learning Mandarin tones by speakers of Cantonese, Japanese, and English" (Ph.D.)

2005, Les Zsoldos, "Vowel harmony in the speech of the English-Hungarian bilinguals of Vancouver" (M.A.)

2005, Kyung-Sook Chung, "Space in tense: The interaction of tense, aspect, evidentiality, and speech acts in Korean" (Ph.D.)

2005, Jack Grieve, "Quantitative authorship attribution: A history and an evaluation of techniques" (M.A.)

2005, Anne Rimrott, "Spell checking in computer-assisted language learning: A study of misspellings by nonnative writers of German" (M.A.)

2004, Loreley Marie Hadic Zabala, "Complex Noun Phrases in ESL Narratives: Structural and Discourse Properties" (M.A.)

2004, Dennis Ryan Storoshenko, "Negation scope and phrase structure in Japanese" (M.A.)

2003, Caroline Morgan, "Musical aptitude and second-language phonectics learning: implications for teaching methodology" (Ph.D.)

2003, Grisel Maria Garcia Perez, "Training Spanish Speakers in the Perception and Production of English Vowels" (Ph.D.)

2002, Susan Lenore Morton,"The Relationship Between Language Learning Aptitude and the Perception and Production of Foreign Speech Sounds" (M.A.)

2002, Geoffrey Stewart Morrison, "Effects of L1 duration experience on Japanese and Spanish listeners' perception of English high front vowels" (M.A.)

2002, Xinchun Wang, "Training Mandarin and Cantonese speakers to indentify English vowel contrasts: long-term retention and effects on production" (Ph.D.)

2001, Lidia E. Gómez Garcia, "Vivir honrada y cristianamente : honor and power in seventeenth century Puebla" (Ph.D.)

2001, Clifford Spence Burgess, "Speaking rate, fluency, and accentedness in the speech of second language learners" (Ph.D.)

2001, Sima Sharifi, "A minimalist treatment of word order in Persian" (M.A.)

2001, Peter Alexander Muntigl, "Couples counseling and semogenesis" (Ph.D.)

2001, Wei Li, "The morpho-syntactic interface in a Chinese phrase structure grammar" (Ph.D.)

2000, Chi-Nin Li, "The role of the Lombard reflex in the production and perception of Cantonese-accented English" (M.A.)

2000, Miguel Oliveira, "Prosodic features in spontaneous narratives" (Ph.D.)

2000, Kwok Lai Connie So, "Tonal production and perception patterns of Canadian raised Cantonese speakers" (M.A.)

2000, Lorna Marie Fadden, "The inverse continuum" (M.A.)

1990 to 1999

1999, Krista Lynn Muller, "Treating 'Kre-8-ive' spellings for natural language processing" (M.A.)

1999, Kyung-Sook Chung, "Deictic and anaphoric tense in Korean: a two-tiered approach" (M.A.)

1999, Mercedes Quesney Hinkson, "Salishan lexical suffixes : a study in the conceptualization of space" (Ph.D.)

1998, Shuicai Zhou, "Chinese relative clauses from a pedagogical perspective" (Ph.D.)

1998, Gertrud Doris M. Heift, "Designed intelligence : a language teacher model" (Ph.D.)

1997, Janine Toole, "The semantic interpretation of definite noun phrases: uniqueness intuitions, telescope anaphora, and strong and weak readings in donkey sentences" (Ph.D.)

1997, Xinchun Wang, "The acquisition of English vowels by Mandarin ESL learners: a study of production and perception" (M.A.)

1997, Siok Hua Lee, "The morphological and morphophonemic awareness of college-preparation ESL learners: an integrated study" (Ph.D.)

1997, Susan Marie Russell, "Some acoustic characteristics of word initial pulmonic and glottalic stops in Mam" (M.A.)

1997, In Que Lee, "Dative constructions and case theory in Korean" (Ph.D.)

1996, Nathalie Simone Marie Schapansky, "Negation, referentiality and boundedness in Breton: a case study in markedness and asymmetry" (Ph.D.)

1996, Nancy J. Mattina, "Aspect and category in Okanagan word formation" (Ph.D.)

1995, Baoning Fu, "A system of tone features and its implications for the representation of tone" (Ph.D.)

1995, Peter Muntigl, "The conversational structure and face implications of everyday arguing" (M.A.)

1995, Clifford Spence Burgess, "Mapping multiple causatives" (M.A.)

1995, Jian Zhong Gao, "Apocope in Old High German: a theoretical phonological approach" (M.A.)

1994, Ayako Shinomiya Burton, "Japanese language planning in Korea, 1905-1945" (M.A.)

1994, Lori M. Samkoe, "Mapping multiple applicatives" (M.A.)  

1994, Moira Taylor, "The interaction of vowel deletion and syllable structure constraints" (Ph.D.)

1994, Anna Katarina Thorstrand, "On relevance and linguistic strength in TV commercials: the way they slip and slide to make their angled point" (M.A.)

1994, Alison A. H. Marchant, "Indefinite "this" and the givenness hierarchy" (M.A.)

1994, Marcela Adler, "Contributions to the study of aspect, with special reference to Czech" (M.A.)

1994, Sea-Eun Jhang, "Headed nominalizations in Korean: relative clauses, clefts, and comparatives" (Ph.D.)

1993, Dwight Gordon Gardiner, "Structural asymmetries and preverbal positions in Shuswap" (Ph.D.)

1993, Gertrud Heift, "Error-adaptive computer-assisted language learning for German" (M.A.)

1993, Sizhi Ding, "The Ba resultative construction: a comprehensive study of Mandarin Ba sentences" (M.A.)

1992, Nathalie Simone Marie Schapansky, "The preverbal position in Breton and relational visibility" (M.A.)

1992, Karen Leslie Saxton, "Discourse markers in constructed dialogue" (M.A.)

1991, Yichun Dai, "The phonological domain of tone in Chinese: historical perspectives" (M.A.)

1990, Hyŏng-su Kim, "Universal phonological processes: a theoretical analysis of dissimilation, cluster simplification and their synergy for consonant cluster reduction in romance and indoeuropean languages" (Ph.D.)

1990, Abdulkhaliq Karim Alazzawie, "Adjunction in Arabic, case and chain theory" (Ph.D.)

1987 to 1989

Retrieval information for theses prior to 1987 can be found using the links below (some full text available)

1986, Gary Young, "Saint Pierre and Miquelon: a cultural module" (M.A.)

1986, Lucie Nielson, "A comparative study of interference errors among English- and German-speaking students of French" (M.A.)

1986, Secondina Morlacci, "Communicative activities providing transition between controlled manipulation of language forms and spontaneous interaction" (M.A.)

1986, James Douglas Bailey, "Software programming for the language teacher, including a sample program" (M.A.)

1985, Hélène Irving, "Une contribution à l'apport amérindien dans les parlers, les us et coutumes au Canada fran̨cais" (M.A.)

1985, James Patrick Forde, "A French language program to promote the study of local heritage and culture"

1985, Amy C. Pavelich, "Addressing the problem of listening comprehension in French as a second language" (M.A.)

1985, Dwight Gardiner, "Propositional configurations in Shuswap Salish" (M.A.)

1985, Hugues Gérald Thériault, "Le français après la classe" (M.A.)

1985, France Reding-Pineau, "L'enseignement du vocabulaire dans les classes d'immersion tardives au niveau de la septième année: stratégies pour comprendre les mots nouveaux et théories linguistiques sous-jacentes" (M.A.)

1985, Dominique Linda Boltrès, "A study of the relationship between reading speed and reading comprehension in a grade three French immersion class" (M.A.)

1985, Helène Horban, "Oral testing of French in the junior secondary classroom" (M.A.)

1985, Hyŏng-su Kim, "The catalytic influence of syneresis as revealed by theoretical analysis of epenthesis and its diverse reflexes in romance languages" (M.A.)

1985, Kiran Kamath, "Les emprunts du français aux langues indiennes de l'Inde (dix-septìeme - vingtième siècles)" (M.A.)

1985, Dominique Linda Boltrès, "J'étudie toutes sortes de choses sur la vie d'un saumon du Pacifique: cahier d'observations et d'exercices élémentaire primaire - immersion précoce" (M.A.)

1984, Deborah A. T. Fraund, "Contributions à l'étude de la proclise en français" (M.A.)

1984, Marie-Michèle Paquin, "Activités de communication dans la salle de classe: 7ième et 8ième années d'immersion fran̨caise" (M.A.)

1984, Douglas P. Wilson, "Linear models of language processing" (M.A. special arrangments)

1983, John Paul Baschzok, "Have the seventies brought any new insights to the process of teaching to read a second language?"  (M.A.)

1983, Martin Andreas Wyss, "The preferentiality of linguistic change: a theoretical analysis of the development of stressed vowels in Sursilvan (Raetoromansh)" (M.A.)

1983, Aline Bilodeau, "Teaching French vowels by means of nursery rhymes: a practical guide for French immersion kindergarten teachers" (M.A.)

1983, Roger A. Howden, "To evaluate the use of colour slides and projected line-drawings in the teaching of French vocabulary items at the grade ten level" (M.A.)

1983, Emma Thibodeau, "Acquisition of basic concepts in grade one French immersion: direct teaching versus incidental teaching" (M.A.)

1983, Susan Denise Davidson, "Strategies for teaching vocabulary within the secondary French program in Delta" (M.A.)

1983, John F. D. Walsh, "A descriptive study of French pronunciation by Panjabi-speaking students, based on a contrastive analysis of French and Panjabi phonology" (M.A.)

1983, Adriana Cooper, "The teaching of the passé composé: order of presentation of the auxiliaries" (M.A.)

1982, Beatrice Stadler, "Language maintenence and assimilation: the case of the German-speaking immigrants" (M.A.)

1981, Rita De Grandis, "Selected Problems in the Italian Verb System" (M.A.)

1981, Karattuparambil Jayaseelan, "Deletion and Interpretation in Comparatives" (Ph.D)

1981, Paul McFetridge, "Linguistic change by rule generalization as illustrated by Protuguese nasalization and radical vowel alternations" (M.A.)

1981, Germâan F. Westphal, "Spanish phonologically-null subjects in tensed complements of verbs of perception" (Ph.D.)

1980, Raghavachari Amritavalli, "Aspects of the organization of redundancy rules in the lexicon" (Ph.D.)

1980, Hong Chee Seah, "Contrastive analysis, error analysis and interlanguage in relation to adult Chinese speakers learning English as a second language" (Ph.D.)

1978, Terence G. MacNamee, "The interrelations of phonology and phonetics: a historical perspective" (M.A.)

1977, Dragoslav Jurisich, "The case-system in Serbo-Croatian" (Ph.D.)

1977, Elaine Mellen Day, "The development of French in eight anglophone children enrolled in an immersion program in Coquitlam, British Columbia" (M.A.)

1977, Raghavachari Amritavalli, "Negation in Kannada" (M.A.) 

1976, Robert Wayne Oliver, "Conditions on clitic formation." (M.A.)

1974, Michael L. Olson, "Barai syntax: a comparative study of tagmemic and transformational analyses." (M.A.)

1972, Koenraad Kuiper, "Rules of English noun compounds: Implications for a theory of the lexicon" (Ph.D.)

1971, Steven Uzelac, "Phonological constraints in Serbo-Croatian syllable margins and Markedness in generative phonology." (M.A.) 

1971, Jutta Peucker, "A comparison of five Andalusian varieties based on the 'Atlas linguistico-etnorgrafico de Andalucia'" (M.A.)

1971, Michel Obaegi, "The phonemic system of a Lebanese Arabic dialect." (M.A.)

1971, Antonio Graziano, "Stress in the Italian dialect of Bovalino Marina (Calabria)." (M.A.)

1970, Francesco Cirillo, "A phonological study of the dialect of Scandale" (M.A.)

1970, Miana Estrela Machado Hilckmann, "A study of the segmental phonemes of two Portuguese dialects" (M.A.)

1970, Lesley Ann Broome, "A contrastive analysis of selected syntax problems of standard South American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese" (M.A.)

1970, Jacqueline Van Campen, "A study of the French vocabulary of school children in Maillardville, B.C." (M.A.)

1970, Karen Mèorcke, "North Saxon influences in the phonology of standard German as spoken in Kiel" (M.A.)

1969, Hella Strohotte, "Studien zur Sprache Abrahams âa Santa Clara." (M.A.)

1969, Herbert Sturhahn, "The subset of Hebrew prepositions showing spatial relations of static contiguity" (M.A.)

1969, David Ruttledge Pearce, "Spanish infinitives and noun clauses." (M.A.)

1969, Maria Barrena, "Estudio fonologico del habla de Santander." (M.A.)

1969, Dragoslav Jurisich, "A re-examination of Spanish articles with the aid of semantic and syntactic features" (M.A.)

1968, Trinidad Gallez, "A phonological study of two linguistic groups in Comerio, Puerto Rico" (M.A.)

1967, John Alan Woodsworth, "An analysis of the audio-lingual approach as applied to methods of teaching Russian." (M.A.)

1966, Janine Tschann, "Examen de quelques theories semantiques modernes du point de vue du structuralisme" (M.A.)