The MAGPIE research group studies the dynamics of diverse interacting pathogens.We are building novel approaches to analyze and compare phylogenetic trees derived from sequence data, studying tree space and branching processes, and developing ecological and epidemiological models.

We also support public health with pandemic modelling alongside our own research. Our work involves case-forecasting, vaccination parameter estimation, genomic epidemiology and other topics in relation to COVID-19.

In The Media

  • May 17, 2021

    Simon Fraser University mathematics professor Caroline Colijn will co-lead a new, national infectious disease modeling network that will inform decisions related to public health threats and better prepare Canada for future pandemics.

  • May 14, 2021

    MAGPIE Director and Canada 150 Research Chair, Caroline Colijn, was announced as a recipient of the Radio Canada Scientist of the Year prize for 2020 alongside three other mathematicians for her work to model the impact of physical distancing on the infection curve in British Columbia.


Evolution and emergence of multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Chisinau, Moldova

August 2021

Tyler S Brown, Vegard Eldholm, Ola Brynildsrud, Magnus Osnes, Natalie Levy, James Stimson, Caroline Colijn, Sofia Alexandru, Ecaterina Noroc, Nelly Ciobanu, Valeriu Crudu, Ted Cohen & Barun Mathema

COVID-19 in schools: Mitigating classroom clusters in the context of variable transmission

July 2021

Paul Tupper & Caroline Colijn

Phylogeography and transmission of M. tuberculosis in Moldova

July 2021

Chongguang Yang, Benjamin Sobkowiak, Vijay Naidu, Alexandru Codreanu, Nelly Ciobanu, Kenneth S. Gunasekera, Melanie H. Chitwood, Sofia Alexandru, Stela Bivol, Marcus Russi, Joshua Havumaki, Patrick Cudahy, Heather Fosburgh, Christopher J. Allender, Heather Centner, David M. Engelthaler, Nicolas A. Menzies, Joshua L. Warren, Valeriu Crudu, Caroline Colijn & Ted Cohen