The following are some representative publications to illustrating research being conducted by the MAGPIE team (click to expand).

Mathematics for Evolutionary Trees

Lui, Pengyu. (2019) A tree distinguishing polynomial. arXiv preprint. (Link)

Metzig, Cornelia and Colijn, Caroline (2018). Preferential Attachment in Systems and Networks of Constant SizearXiv preprint arXiv:1811.04972. (Link)

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Modelling Diverse Pathogens

Chongguang Yang, Benjamin Sobkowiak, Vijay Naidu, Alexandru Codreanu, Nelly Ciobanu, Kenneth S. Gunasekera, Melanie H. Chitwood, Sofia Alexandru, Stela Bivol, Marcus Russi, Joshua Havumaki, Patrick Cudahy, Heather Fosburgh, Christopher J. Allender, Heather Centner, David M. Engelthaler, Nicolas A. Menzies, Joshua L. Warren, Valeriu Crudu, Caroline Colijn, Ted Cohen. (2021). Phylogeography and transmission of M. tuberculosis in Moldova. medRxiv 2021.06.30.21259748. doi: (Link)

Tyler S. Brown, Vegard Eldholm, Ola Brynildsrud, Magnus Osnes, Natalie Stennis, James Stimson, Caroline Colijn, Sofia Alexandru, Ecaterina Noroc, Nelly Ciobanu, Valeriu Crudu, Ted Cohen, Barun Mathema. (2021). Evolution and emergence of multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Chisinau, MoldovaMedRxiv. (Link)

Caroline Colijn, Jukka Corander, and Nicholas J. Croucher. (2020). Designing ecologically optimized pneumococcal vaccines using population genomicsNature microbiology. (Link)

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Genomic Epidemiology

Katharine S. Walter, Paulo César Pereira dos Santos, Thais Oliveira Gonçalves, Brunna Oliveira da Silva, Andrea da Silva Santos, Alessandra de Cássia Leite, Alessandra Moura da Silva, Flora Martinez Figueira Moreira, Roberto Dias de Oliveira, Everton Ferreira Lemos, Eunice Cunha, Yiran E. Liu, Albert Ko, Caroline Colijn, Ted Cohen, Barun Mathema, Julio Croda, Jason R. Andrews. (2021). The role of prisons in disseminating tuberculosis in Brazil: a genomic epidemiology study. medRxiv 2021.06.22.21259360. doi: (Link)

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