MAGPIE Studentships

The MAGPIE (MAthematics, Genomics and Prediction in Infection and Evolution) group at SFU is inviting applicants for dedicated MAGPIE Studentships within the MSc and PhD programs in mathematics at SFU.

Receive state-of-the-art training in interdisciplinary research as part of a dynamic and collaborative cohort of graduate students, working at the interface of mathematics and biology to address contemporary challenges including the control of epidemics, management of antibiotic resistance, and prevention of disease-mediated extinction of endangered species. You will gain skills in genomic epidemiology, mathematical modelling in evolution and epidemiology, and phylodynamics.

As part of the MAGPIE studentship cohort you will have the opportunity to participate in:

  • Collaborative research meetings where you will gain skills in scientific communication
  • Literature discussion groups in which you and your cohort will collaboratively develop a foundation in infectious disease modelling, genomic epidemiology, and evolutionary theory
  • Hackathons and workshops on a wide variety of topics where you can develop and apply your research skills
  • Tailored graduate training, complementing the applied mathematics graduate program, developed specifically to support your interdisciplinary education
  • Regional, national, and international conferences and research retreats where you can present your research

Your thesis research could address fundamental questions about how and why microbes and pathogens evolve the way they do, contribute to applied work on topics like COVID-19 transmission, and learn from new analyses of viral and bacterial genomes. You will participate firsthand in the development and use of new mathematical models and methods for the analysis and interpretation of genomic data. The training you receive will prepare you to work in careers including applied mathematics, public health, pharmaceutical sciences, data science, environmental management, education, and academic research.

MAGPIE Studentship recipients will receive highly competitive graduate funding, including a reduced teaching load, with an expectation of substantial research contributions.

How to apply
We welcome applicants with strong backgrounds in mathematics or related subjects, experience with programming, a keen interest in infectious diseases and/or evolution, and a commitment to their own intellectual curiosity and how it can lead to an impact on our world.

Explore the MAGPIE group by visiting the profiles of our researchers:

To apply, visit Mention MAGPIE and this opportunity in your application to ensure you are included in the MAGPIE studentship search, and indicate one or more of the researchers listed above in your statement of interest.

The graphic below is also available as a downloadable PDF.