Members of the MAGPIE research group are frequently discussing their research and COVID-19 issues with the news media. The links below provide a selection of interviews and articles relating to the pandemic.

August 2021

CTV News: "More B.C. hospitals could be overwhelmed if infection rates don't come down, say experts" (Link)

Global News: "B.C.’s rising COVID-19 cases fueled by the unvaccinated" - Video (Link)

CTV News: "Wave or ripple? B.C. health officials focus on vaccinations rather than restrictions amid COVID-19 surge" (Link)

The Globe and Mail: "Canada now has enough COVID-19 vaccine doses to inoculate everyone eligible: Trudeau" (Link)

Global News: "Impact of the Delta variant" - Video (Link)

Vancouver Sun: "COVID-19: Delta variant behind increase in B.C. case numbers, say experts" (Link)

News 1130: "B.C. hosts 'Walk-in Wednesday' at vaccine clinics as COVID-19 cases rise" (Link)

July 2021

Pharmacy Times: "Research Shows Regular Rapid Testing Detects COVID-19 To Stop Transmission in Schools" (Link)

News Medical: "Using regular monitoring is most effective in limiting COVID-19 outbreaks in schools" (Link)

ContagionLive: "Frequent Testing Helps Prevent Transmission in Schools" (Link)

CBC: "Why experts are mixed on if it's too soon for Canadians to ditch masks" (Link)

CBC: "Why the delta variant means some Canadians now more 'at risk' from COVID-19 than ever before" (Link)

The Globe And Mail: "First-dose COVID-19 vaccinations plateau across Canada, threatening path to variant resilience" (Link)

June 2021

The Conversation: "COVID-19 may never go away, but practical herd immunity is within reach" (Link)

CBC: "Got questions about your first dose and the protection it offers? These experts have answers" (Link)

CBC: "N.B. should reveal COVID case numbers among those vaccinated, experts say" (Link)

Vancouver Sun: "COVID-19: B.C. inching toward 80 per cent of eligible residents receiving a first dose" (Link)

May 2021

The Globe and Mail: "How many COVID-19 vaccine doses could make the difference between a fourth wave in Canada and no wave at all? New models offer four scenarios"(Link)

The Globe and Mail: "B.C. to expand COVID-19 vaccine plan to include people 12 and up" (Link)

CBC: "Canada is gearing up to reopen. Can it last?" (Link)

Global BC: "B.C.’s COVID-19 curve continues to bend" - Video (Link)

Vancouver Sun: "COVID-19: Five things experts want to close B.C.'s information gap" (Link)

Toronto Star: "Ontario might not get to herd immunity with COVID-19 vaccines. Here’s why that’s not the end of the world"(Link)

The Globe and Mail: "COVID-19 news today: Alberta gets court injunction against anti-health order protests"(Link

April 2021

Vancouver Sun: "The new normal? Experts say B.C.'s current vaccination plan doesn't lead to COVID-free future"(Link)

The Globe and Mail: "Ottawa drops specific COVID-19 screening for travellers from Brazil as variant spreads throughout British Columbia"(Link

CTV News: "B.C. professor to lead network aimed at helping Canada prepare for future pandemics"(Link)

Global News: "Canada readjusts COVID-19 vaccine rollout to target frontline workers"(Link)

The Globe and Mail: "B.C. to limit screening for COVID-19 variants of concern"(Link)

The New York Times: "Vancouver Canucks Brought to a Standstill by the Pandemic"(Link)

March 2021

Global News: "COVID-19: Concerns about a 3rd wave in B.C. as cases of B.1.1.7 variant remain high"(Link)

Global News: "Vaccine priority, who should be first in line?" - Video (Link)

The Telegram: "Experts say Canada 'tripped' in race to get people vaccinated for COVID-19"(Link)

Vancouver Sun: "COVID-19: B.C. vaccine committee to decide who gets priority for AstraZeneca parallel track"(Link)

February 2021

National Post: "Vaccinating essential workers before seniors in B.C. could save lives: experts"(Link)

CBC: "Essential workers before seniors, says epidemiologist suggesting B.C. rethink its vaccine rollout plan"(Link)

CTV News: "B.C. experts' model predicts over 4,000 daily cases in Quebec in April if variants not checked"(Link)

Vancouver Sun: "COVID-19: Vaccine delay and risk of variants put emphasis on restrictive measures"(Link)

January 2021

Safecare BC: "CKNW - Screening with Rapid Testing Could Reduce COVID-19 Transmission in Long-term Care"(Link)

CTV News: "Rapid tests could have prevented half of B.C. care home deaths in 2020, modelling suggests"(Link)

Global News: "Canada’s pandemic ‘finish line’ is not a given: experts"(Link)

The Globe and Mail: "B.C. to increase screening for faster-spreading COVID-19 ‘variants of concern’"(Link)

Global News: "SFU researchers warn COVID-19 U.K. variant could lead to ‘massive virus spread’ in B.C."(Link)

CTV News: "Travel concerns pressing as more transmissible COVID-19 variants emerge: experts"(Link)

CBC: "Canada's COVID-19 case numbers show early positive signs"(Link)

December 2020

CBC: "No surge as pre-Christmas covid-19 numbers roll in"(Link)

National Post: "Broad testing, not contact tracing, only way to curb pandemic without damaging lockdowns: study"(Link)

November 2020

The Globe and Mail: "Canada on track for 4,000 coronavirus patients in hospital by Christmas, eclipsing first wave"(Link)

CTV News: "Infectious disease modeller predicts new COVID-19 measures could be just the beginning"(Link)

August 2020

The Tyee: "We Crack Open Dr. Henry’s Model for Taming the Pandemic: A Tyee Video"(Link)

CTV News: "Infectious disease modeller predicts big spike in B.C. COVID cases"(Link)

June 2020

Owen Sound Sun Times: "'It's still right here with us': Canadian experts nervously watching Covid-19 surge in U.S."(Link)

The Georgia Straight: "SFU and Providence Health Care collaborate on artificial intelligence project to quickly diagnose COVID-19"(Link)

SFU news release: "SFU researchers help develop AI tool for speedy COVID-19 diagnosis"(Link)

May 2020

The Globe and Mail: "The leeway factor: As coronavirus lockdowns lift, how far can we return to normal without triggering a second wave?"(Link)

April 2020

Global News: "Coronavirus: ‘Incomplete’ data for Canada hurts ability to model pandemic, scientists say"(Link)

March 2020

The Tyee: "She Plots the Possible Arcs of the Pandemic"(Link)

The Globe and Mail: "When does social distancing end? These graphs show where we’re heading and why"(Link)