Professional Master’s Program


Applications for Fall 2025 will be open from October 2024. 


The fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, will emerge from artificial intelligence (AI), automation, robotics, cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality (AR), and other transformative technologies like digital twins. This digital transformation of manufacturing and production processes will provide exciting career opportunities for professionals in industries such as agriculture, automotive, food processing, pharmaceuticals, supply chain logistics, warehouse distribution, and more.

The future will require engineers to have an interdisciplinary skillset to develop advanced manufacturing technologies. SFU’s MEng in Smart Manufacturing and Systems (SMS) is Western Canada’s first program that will prepare professionals to become a global leader in developing engineering solutions for a smart manufacturing future. As a graduate from this professional master’s program, you will be industry-ready to join top manufacturing employers.

A Glimpse into the Industry 4.0 Future

In the Industry 4.0 future, smart factories using additive manufacturing such as 3D printing and other computer-aided manufacturing systems are able to adaptively manufacture parts on demand, direct from digital designs. Sensors keep track of needed components and order them based on patterns of demand, taking "just-in-time" manufacturing to a new level of optimization. Entire supply chains can pivot with the introduction of new products, changes in consumption, and economic fluctuation. Advanced sensors and machine learning-driven systems monitor the quality of components with more consistency and accuracy. Algorithms can predict when machines need to be fixed before they even break or dynamically reorganize production lines to enhance efficiencies because of artificial intelligence processing the massive amounts of data generated by IoT technology deeply integrated into the manufacturing process.

The SMS program does not require supervision. This means students do not need to chose a Supervisor.


Professional Master’s Program


Master of Engineering (MEng) in Smart Manufacturing and Systems (SMS)


16-20 months (includes 4- or 8-month industry internship)


Domestic students 2024/2025 total tuition: $36,205.92 split into four (4) terms for $9,051.48 per term   

International students 2024/2025 total tuition: $54,679.04 split into four (4) terms for $13,669.76 per term

There will be a continuing fee per term, 50% of the regular fee, for those students who take longer than 4 terms for their extended internship placements ($4,525.74/term for domestic and $6,834.90/term for international).


Applications close: February 01

Due to visa processing timelies, we strongly recommend that international students apply early during the first round of application.


Applications close: April 30


This is a course-based program, including hands-on and paid industry internships. Students will complete at least 30 units of graduate work divided into four sections:

  • 12 units of specialized hands-on lab courses (Smart Factory I and II)
  • 12 units of required core courses (Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, 3D Manufacturing, etc.)
  • 3 units of electives (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc.)
  • 3 or 6 units for a paid internship, typically working for at least four months with an industry partner in the advanced manufacturing sector anywhere in Canada*

Please refer to the following webpage for more detailed program description:

*As in any university internship or co-op programs in North America, our PMP program cannot guarantee you an internship job placement. However, we are confident that your commitment, combined with our innovative curriculum, will lead to a successful internship job placement in the industry. We provide professional skills training that prepares you for success in your job search. This training includes lectures on Engineering Practice in Canada, 1:1 coaching, résumé and cover letter review, interview practice, LinkedIn coaching, networking support, and more. We also connect you with industry professionals and hiring managers in the field through our networks. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to start an active job search early on with the support we are providing, and diligently prepare for and participate in job interviews.


Are you a student in your final year of an engineering bachelor’s degree program in a Canadian university or college?

As you approach graduation from your undergraduate degree, you may be considering a graduate degree and career path that is industry-focused. This professional MEng degree provides the skills and knowledge to prepare you for a rewarding career as an industry professional.

Are you an international student/professional with at least a bachelor’s degree looking to join the Canadian workforce?

You may be considering options for upgrading your education and experience to support your immigration goals. This 16-20 month professional MEng degree puts you on a fast track to join the professional industry in North America by equipping you with the in-demand technical and English language skills, providing you opportunities to gain hands-on Canadian experience, and awarding you a degree from a university program that is recognized and supported by engineering associations.

Are you a practicing engineer with industry experience looking to prepare for the Industry 4.0 future?

You may be considering upgrading your skills and education to specialize in advanced manufacturing and digitization. This professional MEng degree provides you hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies that will put you ahead of your peers to support the demands of the smart manufacturing future.


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