• Basic knowledge of materials properties and compositions
  • Basic knowledge of orthographic views and design
  • Basic understanding of fits and tolerances


This training program emphasizes on hands-on practical machine shop skills. At the end of the course, participants will learn basic machining theory, and will be able to accomplish basic machining tasks and other machine shop practices. This trainig program will also serve as a prerequisite for a higher level training program where participants  will learn professional level skills in machining and fabrication. A firm prerequisite of the course is passing the SFU safety course (or equivalent).

This training program includes theoretical information and practical experience for the participants.  Description of machines, how various parts of machines function, basic mathematical calculations for feed and speed as well as hand-tools and bench-work procedures will be discussed in-class. Particpants will practice in our brand-new state of the art “Mecahatronic Machining & Testing Centre.”  Participants will spend approximately 80% of their time in practice, acquiring basic skills as per description of the training program.

a)    To educate participants with fundamentals of commonly-used machines and tools. The participants will have the knowledge and hands-on experience that will enable them to work in a typical machine shop.
b)    To equip participants with basic machining and fabrication skills at the industrial standard.


Lathe Machine
a)    Machine description
b)    Workpiece holding devices
c)    Lathe tools geometry and shapes
d)    Tool holding and tool setup
e)    Setting the spindle speed and feed rate as per cutting tool material and raw material
f)    Lathe machine related operations
g)    Safety

Milling Machine
a)    Machine description
b)    Vises and clamps
c)    Milling cutters; cutter materials, geometry, shapes and applications
d)    Cutter mounting systems
e)    Feed and speeds
f)    Milling machine related operations
g)    Safety

Radial-arm Drill Press & Bench-top Drill Press
a)    Machine description
b)    Workpiece holding
c)    Drill mounting in the spindle
d)    Drill bits; drill geometry, materials, shapes and applications
e)    Feed and speeds
f)    Safety

Band Saws (Horizontal & Vertical)
a)    Machine description
b)    Workpiece holding
c)    Saw blades types for different raw materials
d)    Limitations
e)    Safety

Brake -Press, Shear, Arbor-Press & Notcher
a)    Machine description and operations
b)    Materials to be processed
c)    Gage system
d)    Limitations
e)    Safety

Measuring Instruments
a)    Vernier-calipers
b)    Micrometers
c)    Dial and lever gauges
d)    Gauge blocks
e)    Bore gauges
f)    Telescoping gauge
g)    Snap gauges

Hands-on Training:
1)    Students will be walked through each machine in detail. They will be taught about functionalities and systems on machines. Practical demonstrations will be presented for different scenarios.
2)    Students will accomplish variety of tasks by using machines and tools, under supervision
3)    Use of measuring instruments, work planning, layout and bench work techniques will be demonstrated.

General Shop Rules:
1)    No Cellphones and audio video players in the shop.
2)    No food and drinks
3)    Cleaning and tidy up at end of each work day.
4)    Wearing safety glasses, proper shoes and clothing (lose clothing, slippers, jewelry, and untied long hairs are not permitted.)
5)    Strict following safety guidelines and instructions ; a signed disclaimer agreement form before entering the machine shop

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