Lab safety training

Register below for Fall 2019 Laboratory safety training.

Registration is now only available for X-ray Safety and Radiation Safety Refresher.

Laboratory Safety, Radiation Safety, & Biosafety will be offered again next semester in January 2020.

Select the safety training courses listed below that apply to your work at SFU.

Ongoing online offering for researchers who use x-ray emitting devices.
Ongoing online offering for researchers who use radiological materials and have previously completed the SFU Radiation Safety Training.

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Not sure which courses to take? See the SFU Lab Safety Training table.

Help us make sure laboratory safety training is meeting your needs. Please take the time to list below the top five risks, procedures, pieces of equipment, or anything else in your lab that merits extra attention around safety. Some examples include gas cylinder handling, PPE selection, pressure vessels, chemical storage, and so on.