PHIL 100W Knowledge and Reality

Fall Semester 2011| NOW |Evening| Harbour Centre


INSTRUCTOR   Colin P. Ruloff



  • Louis Pojman (ed.), The Quest for Truth, 8th edition, or later, Oxford University Press



Phil 100 is a topically-based, problem-oriented introduction to philosophy ranging over the following four areas of philosophical inquiry: the philosophy of religion, the philosophy of mind, epistemology, and ethics. Topics to be addressed include the existence of God, the relation of the mind to the body, the foundations of morality, and the nature of knowledge. Note that this is a writing-intensive course. As such, special attention will be devoted to developing the skills needed in order express and defend one’s thoughts in written work.


  • Essay #1 - 10%
  • Essay #2 (plus one revision) - 15%
  • Essay #3 - 25%
  • Mid-term Exam - 20%
  • Final Exam - 20%
  • Participation (including in-class writing) - 10%


NOTE: Philosophy 100 has no prerequisites and may be applied towards the Certificate in Liberal Arts, the W-requirement, and the Breadth/Humanities requirement.