Prospective Graduate Students

Our MA program is geared towards students who have decided to pursue a PhD in philosophy, yet currently lack the background or academic record required for entry into the world’s best philosophy departments. 

We carefully prepare each student for graduate applications by:

  • Tailoring course requirements to each individual’s background, thereby ensuring that every student graduates with a broad basis for the PhD.
  • Offering the option of a ‘Professional Paper’ (in addition to the more common thesis option), designed to be used as the writing sample for PhD applications.
  • Providing individual attention to MA students through a ‘Professional Seminar’ for all incoming students, small graduate level seminars each term, and an individual study course that develops the student’s Professional Paper.
Our MA program is highly selective, yet accepts applicants who have shown intellectual promise in areas other than philosophy.  See our admissions criteria.

Applications open in the fall each year. Remember to leave enough time to process fees; the online system may take up to 5 business days.

Wondering what our MA graduates have to say about the program? (pdf)

Read an interview with SFU graduate Lauren Kopajtic, currently a working on her PhD at Harvard (pdf), and an interview with Kino Zhao, currently working on her PhD at UC Irvine.

Read feedback on the program from our grads.

What’s unique about the SFU MA?

  • Full immersion in Philosophy over two years/six terms - apply to PhD programs with 4-6 graduate courses on your transcript
  • Professional paper suitable for reworking into PhD applications
  • Fully funded as TAs (Teaching Assistants) with the department
  • RA (research assistantship) opportunities
  • Travel funding for each student to present work at conferences, workshops and so on
  • Excellent placement record