Term Updates: Summer 2023:

  • Philosophy department: all PHIL courses are in person.
  • If you need to speak with anyone in the Philosophy Department, including the undergraduate advisor, we ask that you email to book an appointment before coming to the Department. Instructors, TAs, and staff are available by email: see Contact page and People page.
  • Undergraduate advising, program declarations: email Jay Leardi, the Undergraduate Advisor, at philcomm@sfu.ca (include student ID#) 
  • Summer Term deadlines and Academic dates. Final deadline to withdraw from a course, or to opt into the elective grade system: June 1 (for intersession), or July 2 (for summer term).       
  • New elective grade policy : P/CR/NC, pilot project from Spring 2021 to Summer 2023. List of exclusions for the new policy.  Specifically for Philosophy: 
  1. Students can use a P or CR to satisfy any requirement for a Major, Joint Major, Honours, or Minor in Philosophy (with the exception of PHIL 477 and 478).
  2. Students can use a P or CR to satisfy any prerequisite requirement for any PHIL course.
  3. Students can use a P (but not a CR) to satisfy any requirement for the Ethics Certificate, or the Philosophy and Methodology of Science Certificate.
  4. Philosophy Majors and Honours students can use a P (but not a CR) to satisfy any WQB requirement. 
Updates revised: February 27, 2023
PSU meetings - open to all SFU Philosophy students, past and present. phil-studentunion@sfu.ca for details or click on image. Contact PSU on Facebook direct message on Instagram @phil_sfu email to phil-pres [at] sfu.ca

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PSU Meetings

  • O.G. (Original/Regular Phil Club) where we deconstruct. discuss, and debate a broad overview and variety of topics in Philosophy, which could include ethical dilemmas. 
  • Sci-Fi Phil Club where we ponder things such as the existence of time, discuss the modalities of science fiction works (i.e. Interstellar, Marvel's Infinity War) and square up in philosophical dispute.