Important Updates for the Spring and Summer Terms 2021:

Updates revised: February 15, 2021

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PSU meetings - open to all SFU Philosophy students, past and present. for details or click on image. Contact PSU on Facebook direct message on Instagram @phil_sfu email to phil-pres [at]

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  • O.G. (Original/Regular Phil Club) where we deconstruct. discuss, and debate a broad overview and variety of topics in Philosophy, which could include ethical dilemmas. This will be held Wednesdays at 1:30PM in the Phil Commons Room.
  • Sci-Fi Phil Club where we ponder things such as the existence of time, discuss the modalities of science fiction works (i.e. Interstellar, Marvel's Infinity War) and square up in philosophical dispute will be held on Mondays at 1:30PM in the Phil Commons Room.