PHIL XX1 Critical Thinking

Fall 2011 Day | Surrey Campus


INSTRUCTOR  Jonathan Katz


  • Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking, 5th ed., M. Salmon, Wadsworth



An introduction to the evaluation of arguments as they are encountered in everyday life. The central aim will be to sharpen skills of reasoning and argumentation by understanding how arguments work and learning to distinguish those which actually prove what they set out to prove from those which do not. This edition of PHIL XX1 will conclude the beginning elements of probability theory, combination theory, and causal judgments as they are used in argumentation. We shall also introduce elementary forms of both propositional and categorical logic.



  • 3 term tests - 25% each
  • final exam (non-cumulative ) - 25%

NOTE: Philosophy XX1 has no prerequisites and may be applied towards the Certificate in Liberal Arts and the Q-requirement.