Spring Semester 2013 | Day | Surrey




In this course we will explore some central problems of philosophy. We will explore the nature and possibility of knowledge, examining what reasons we have to think that knowledge is possible at all and what is required for knowledge to be justified. We will also examine the nature of personal identity, exploring whether it is continuity of body or mind through time that makes us the same self. We will also address arguments regarding whether or not we have free will, and the connection between free will and personhood.

This course is designed to advance your critical thinking, reading and writing skills. The philosophical issues we will explore are central to an understanding of the human condition, and reflecting on these questions is essential to living an examined life. You will also learn the fundamental principles of analytical writing, including argument reconstruction and analysis. These general skills are essential to philosophy, but are applicable to all fields of study.


  • Philosophy 100: Selected Readings (Custom Courseware)
  • Writing Philosophy: A Guide for Canadian Students, 2nd edition. Lewis Vaughn and Jillian Scott McIntosh


  • Attendance & Participation - 10%
  • Tutorial quizzes and assignments - 20%
  • First paper assignment, with re-write - 20%
  • Second paper assignment, with re-write - 25%
  • Final exam - 25%

 Students will be required to submit written work to for plagiarism-checking

Prerequisites: Philosophy 100W has no prerequisites and may be applied towards the Certificate in Liberal Arts, the W-requirement, and the Breadth/Humanities requirement.