PHIL 332 Selected Topics: Perception

Summer Semester 2013 | Day | Burnaby


INSTRUCTOR: Martin Hahn, WMC 4627 (mhahn at


The course will provide an overview of some of the major philosophical as well as psychological theories and issues of perception, concentrating largely on visual perception. Starting with some classics in philosophy and in psychology, we will explore such issues as whether there are sensations and what they might be, what direct perception might come to, the relationship between the epistemological views of empiricism, rationalism, and theories of perception, etc. We will largely let our collection of readings dictate our syllabus.


  • Perception, Robert Schwartz (Editor), 2004, Blackwell


  • The grade will be based on three papers due approximately at the beginning of the 6 th , 10 th , and 13 th week of classes. Each will count for 30%. Students will have the option of combining the final two papers into a longer term paper worth 60%.
  • Everyone will be expected to come to class prepared to discuss the assigned readings – the remaining 10% of the grade.

All written assignments must be submitted to in both draft and final versions. Failure to do so will result in a failure to complete the course requirements, and will be grounds for failing the course.

Prerequisites: PHIL 100 or PHIL 201 or PHIL 203, or permission of the instructor.