Placement Record

The Philosophy Department at SFU has a long and successful history of preparing students for top PhD programs. Our students have been accepted at Arizona, Cambridge, Columbia, Cornell, CUNY, Duke, Edinburgh, Harvard, Indiana, Maryland, McGill, MIT, Oxford, Pittsburgh HPS, Princeton, St. Andrews, Stanford, UCLA, UCSD, UNC, University of Southern California, University of Toronto, Washington University PNP, Wisconsin, and many other fine departments. Equally importantly, most have completed their PhDs and gone on to good careers.

The tables below show our most recent placement data.

Table:  Recent PhD program placement

Year of Application 2023 Student Final Placement
  Elliot Schwartz CUNY Graduate School
Mary Purcell Duke


Year of Application 2022 Student Final Placement
  Kesavan Thanagopal Notre Dame
Jing-Hwan Khoo Harvard
Jingyi Wang University of Wisconsin, Madison
Eddie Cai University of Arizona
Jenna Yuzwa University of British Columbia


Year of Application 2021 Student Final Placement
  Yan Chen University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Ian Kahn University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Year of Application 2020 Student Final Placement
  David Rattray University of Toronto
Schuyler Pringle University of Toronto
Varsha Pai University of Wisconsin, Madison
Cem Erkli McGill
Somayeh Tohidi London School of Economics


Year of Application 2019 Student Final Placement
  Caroline Von Klemperer  Rutgers 
Cody Britson University of Maryland
Dylan Flint  Ohio State 
Dzintra Ullis University of Pittsburgh 
Kelsey Vicars University of British Columbia
Shimin Zhao Madison, Wisconsin
Zili Dong Western
  Adam O'Neill McMaster
Weixin Cai University of California, San Diego
Anthony Nguyen University of British Colombia


Year of Application 2018 Student Final Placement
  Haley Brennan              Princeton                            
Matthew Maxwell Rochester
Zoe Ashton Ohio State


Year of Application 2017 Student Final Placement
  Arianna Falbo                Brown                                
Imran Thobani Stanford


Year of Application 2016 Student Final Placement
  Travis LaCroix               UC Irvine LPS
Graham Moore University of British Columbia
Michaela Manson University of Toronto
William Bredeson University of Toronto


Year of Application 2015 Student Final Placement
  Kino Zhao                      UC Irvine LPS
Devon Cass Australian National University
Emily Hodges Brown
Rosalind Chaplin UCSD
Nicholas Dunn McGill

Table:  PhD placement records prior to 2015

PhD Program
Areas of Study
Amanda Bryant
Berman Chan PhD Purdue Philosophy of Religion; Epistemology
Carissa Helen Phillips Garrett
PhD Rice University
Daisy LaForce
PhD UC Riverside
Bioethics and Philosophy of Science
David Gaber PhD McGill University (Canada) Philosophy of Science and Mathematics
Devon Cass PhD ANU (Australia)
Social and Political
Emily Hodges
PhD Brown Ethics
Graham Moore PhD University of British Columbia Epistemology; Phil Math.
Jane Chen PhD Texas at Austin
Philosophy of Mind and Neuroscience
Jason Leardi PhD University of Wisconsin, Madison
Philosophy of Mind and Neuroscience
Joe Thompson PhD Psychology, Simon Fraser University
Jordan Thompson PhD Cornell Ethics; Political
Katie Creel
PhD, HPS program, Pittsburgh Philosophy of Science; History
Kino Zhao
PhD LPS Department, UC Irvine
Logic and Philosophy of Science
Komal Gilani PhD University of Texas at Austin
Lauren Kopajtic PhD, Harvard University Early Modern and Ethics
Michaela Manson PhD U of Toronto History
Nazim Keven PhD Philosophy Neuroscience and Psychology program, Washington University
Philosophy of Mind and Neuroscience
Nicholas Dunn PhD McGill University (Canada)
Nick Smyth PhD Brown University Meta-ethics
Nik Hamm PhD McGill University
Kant; Early Modern
Rosalind Chaplin PhD UCSD
Kant; Early Modern
Roxana Akhbari PhD University of Alberta (Canada)
Ryan Ogilvie PhD University of Maryland
Philosophy of Mind and Neuroscience
Shelley Hulbert PhD University of Calgary (Canada)
Travis LaCrois PhD  UC Irvine LPS Logic
Trey Boone
PhD HPS program, Pittsburgh
Philosophy of Mind and Neuroscience
William Bredeson PhD.  U of Toronto History
Yue Chen
PhD Logic program, University of Vienna (Austria)

As a Canadian University, SFU offers a special undergraduate degree, the Honour’s Degree, a steppingstone to PhD programs directly, without an MA. You can view our Honour’s Placement Record (pdf).