Nicolas Bommarito

Associate Professor

Graduate Chair


  • Brown University Ph.D.
  • Tibet University (西藏大学) Tibetan language certification
  • University of Michigan B.A. w/ High Honors in philosophy


My research focuses on questions in virtue ethics, moral psychology, and Buddhist philosophy, particularly Tibetan Buddhism. I've worked a lot about modesty and why it's important; you can read an explanation of that in this short Aeon article. You can also learn more about my research in an interview I did with 3:16 Magazine and listen to me talk Buddhism on the UnMute Podcast




  • "Virtuous and Vicious Anger" (2017) Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy
  • "The Khache Phalu: A Translation and Interpretation" (2017) Revue d'Etudes Tibétaines, Vol. 39
  • "Imaginative Moral Development" (2017) The Journal of Value Inquiry, Vol.51 No.2
  • "Private Solidarity" (2016) Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Vol.19 No.2
  • "Patience and Perspective" (2014) Philosophy East & West, Vol.64 No.2
  • "Modesty as a Virtue of Attention" (2013) Philosophical Review, Vol.122 No.1
  • "Bile & Bodhisattvas: Śāntideva on Justified Anger" (2011) Journal of Buddhist Ethics, Vol.18

Nic Bommarito teaches PHIL 357: Selected Topics