Nicolas Fillion

Assistant Professor of Philosophy


  • B.A. Philosophy, Université Laval
  • B.A. Mathematics, University of Illinois
  • M.A. Philosophy, Université Laval
  • M.Sc. Applied Mathematics, University of Western Ontario
  • Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Western Ontario


Areas of Interest

Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mathematics, Logic, Scientific Computation, History of Mathematics

Current Research Projects

I have ongoing research projects in all my areas of interests. Please consult my personal website for an up-to-date description.


Recent Publications


  • R.M. Corless & N. Fillion (2013). A Graduate Introduction to Numerical Methods, From the Point of View of Backward Error Analysis, Springer: New York, 868pp.


  • N.Fillion & S. Bangu (forthcoming). Numerical Methods, Complexity, and Epistemic Hierarchy, Philosophy of Science.
  • D.R. Bellhouse & N. Fillion (2015). Le Her and Other Problems in Probability Discussed by Bernoulli, Montmort and Waldegrave'', Statistical Science, 30(1): 26-39. 
  • N. Fillion & R.M. Corless (2014). On the Epistemological Analysis of Modeling and Computational Error in the Mathematical Sciences, Synthese, 191: 1451-1467.

Conference Proceedings:

  • Fillion N (submitted). Vindicating computer simulations in practice, in: J. Lenhard (Ed), Mathematics as a Tool, Boston Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science.
  • Fillion, N. (forthcoming). The 18th-century origins of the concept of mixed-strategy equilibrium in game theory, in: M. Zack (Ed.), Proceedings of the Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Mathematics, Birkhäuser.
  • Fillion, N. (2008). The Kolmogorov-G ̈odel Translation of Classical Arithmetic into Intuitionistic Arithmetic, in: A. Cupillari (Ed.), Proceedings of the Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Mathematics, pp. 77-88. 

Book Reviews & Critical Notices:

  • Fillion, N. and Zurcher, B. (2014). Review of Richard Arthur’s Natural Deduction: An Introduction to Logic with Real Arguments, a Little History, and Some Humour, Dialogue. Advanced online publication.
  • Kao, M., Fillion, N. and Bell, J.L. (2010). Critical Study of Jean-Pierre Marquis: From a Geometrical Point of View: A Study of the History and Philosophy of Category Theory, Philosophia Mathematica, 18(2): pp. 227–234.