Peter Horban

Senior Lecturer


  • B.A. University of Saskatchewan
  • M.A., Ph.D. University of Western Ontario

Areas of Interest

Within philosophy, my main interests lie in what might be termed "religious epistemology." In particular, I am intrigued by questions having to do with the rationality of religious belief. Alvin Plantinga, William Alston, Mark McLeod, Peter van Inwagen, and William Rowe are just a few of many philosophers whose recent writings have focused on this issue and related epistemological problems.

Of course I enjoy teaching philosophy of religion. In addition, I regularly teach several large lower-level philosophy courses. In some of these, the aim is to introduce students to traditional philosophical problems; in others, it is to develop specific skills in critical thinking and logical analysis. In either case, I regard these courses as among the most worthwhile that students can take. That's one of the main reasons why I enjoy teaching them as much as I do. (Yes, the ambiguity of the previous sentence is deliberate.)