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Thank you for your interest in suggesting a Scholarly Impact of the Week.

This program aims to acknowledge SFU's scholarly excellence, in all its forms, to generate greater awareness and pride within the university community.

    Examples can include: publishing a paper in a high-impact journal; patenting an invention; debuting a new performance piece; publishing a monograph or book; changing a government policy; or changing the way we think about or understand the world around us. We expect most of these to be "recent" impacts, but will also accept suggestions for transformative impacts from the past.

    Selection Process:

    • Submitted nominations are reviewed and selected by the VPRI Office (VPRI and AVPR).  
    • We aim to have balanced faculty representation and across stem-non stem examples. 
    • We are asking that nominations show some evidence of impact. This will differ across disciplines so there is no standardized approach. We wish to keep things flexible to allow for inclusion and diversity in the impacts shared.  
    • General focus will be on impacts that aren't already widely promoted and featured in mainstream media, SFU News but these may be profiled once in a while especially where research has been mobilized (nationally and internationally). 
    • The selection criteria will continue to evolve.
    Please indicate the type of Impact made: (check all that apply)
    Use this field to provide details about your nomination. This should include the nominee's name and pronouns, plus brief details of the scholarly impact, including some evidence of what makes this an impact.