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Due to compliance requirements, SFU is required to adopt a new process for determining access to any remaining funds following the SSHRC or NSERC project end date. As such, we have developed a guideline and a new process regarding SSHRC/NSERC projects that are ending.

For projects that are in their last year and that you wish to continue spending from beyond the end date of the grant, it is recommended that at least one month prior to your project end date, you contact SSHRC or NSERC and request an extension by completing the Grant Amendment Form.

Once SSHRC/NSERC approves the extension, the project end date will be updated for continued access to the funds. Please go to the No-Cost Extension section for details.

If the extension is not approved and the funds are eligible, the following is available from the university General Research Account.

Please note that if your remaining balance is more than 50% of your original budget, the funds will have to be returned to the granting agency. If the grant has been expired for more than a year, you will not be eligible to access them.

To request continued access from the university General Research Account, please email the following documentation to Research Services (

  • A complete/fully signed SFU Signature Sheet including a budget (the request should be for funds greater than $1,000 but normally not more than $5,000).  Please note the remaining balance must be spent in accordance with the Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide.
  • A brief but detailed description (max. one page) of the research to be carried out using the remaining balance. If your plan is to purchase equipment from these funds, copy(ies) of quote(s) are required and must be included with your submission.
  • Copy(ies) of any certificates, where required. If ethical approval is no longer required for this final one-year grant, please contact Research Ethics to send an exemption letter to Research Services.

Once the request is approved, Research Services will authorize Research Accounting to establish a new fund 31 project and provide you with the new SFU project account information.  Should there be any remaining funds at the expiry date of this new project account, those funds will be returned to the university General Research Account and will no longer be available for your use.