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The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) requires all personnel who work with animals in teaching or research at SFU, must be knowledgeable about the principals of humane experimental science and ethical issues associated with the use of those animals, including the 3Rs tenet (Reduce, Refine, Replace). To meet this goal, SFU has a required training program in place.

Step One

Contact the UACC Coordinator to register all research staff for the online Modules. Registrants will be informed regarding which modules they need to complete. Completion is mandatory!

Step Two

Animal Care Services technical and veterinary staff will provide hands-on training in husbandry, basic handling, drug administration and blood and tissue collection, as well as anaesthesia and surgical training, if required for your research needs. Training from other institutions is recognized upon submission of a training certificate and verification through observation by ACS training staff. Remember we are here to help you. As well as training, our veterinary staff can provide technical services. Contact the ACS Manager for pricing and availability.

Step Three

A facility orientation session is required before key card access is arranged. All personnel must be listed on an approved Animal Use Protocol. For Radiation Safety and Level 2 Biohazard Safety, training and permits must be in place prior to the start of any research project.

Last updated: February 21, 2023