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  1. Statistics Canada Research Data Centre
  2. Export controls and controlled goods
  3. Contract Security Program


The Research Data Centre (RDC) provides researchers with access to Statistics Canada's microdata which include datasets of surveys and administrative data. The SFU RDC offers a comprehensive and secure research environment open to any research working on an approved project. It is part of the Canadian Research Data Centre Network (CRCDN) and the British Columbia Inter-university Research Data Centre.

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Export controls and controlled goods

The research security unit will also manage export controls and controlled goods on behalf of the university and researchers. 

Export control regulations are Canadian laws that prevent the export of goods and technology to foreign entities, or individuals, for reasons of national security or trade interests. Failure to adhere to these laws can result in prosecution by the Government of Canada, with possible fines and/or imprisonment.

Many categories of items listed on the Canadian Export Control List are obvious, such as munitions and nuclear equipment, materials and technologies. There are many other items that are less intuitive but which are nonetheless under export control. A complete list of Canadian export-controlled items can be found at: Global Affairs Canada: A Guide to Canada's Export Control List.

If an item is listed under Canadian export control, it does not necessarily mean that it cannot be exported to a foreign entity. A Canadian broker, acting on behalf of the foreign partner, can apply to the Government of Canada for an export permit specific to the good or technology listed on the Export Control List. The preparation and application for an export permit is outside of the expertise of the university and must be undertaken by the partner.

Controlled goods are a specific subset of materials on the Export Control List generally related to national defence or national security.

If a researcher wishes to work with a controlled good, the university must obtain approval from the Government of Canada’s Public Services and Procurement branch. Applications will require a description of the controlled good, a list of all individuals who will have access to the controlled good and a security plan.

For further information, please contact the Director, Research Services. The official designated by the institution and cleared by the program will apply for required permissions on behalf of the university. Please note that all individuals involved in research with the Controlled Good will be required to complete a security check. Failure to adhere to Government of Canada’s protocols can result in substantial fines and/or imprisonment.

Contract Security Program (CSP)

The CSP governs the security screening and approval process for: 

  • Government contracts, organizations and personnel 

  • Safeguarding sites, equipment, assets and information 

  • Domestic and international contracting/subcontracting with security requirements  

If you are interested in doing work under a contract or subcontract with security requirements, please see the Contract Security Program web page (SFU login required) to learn more.

Last updated: March 26, 2024