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The SFU Research Funding Application Signature Sheet (“Signature Sheet” or “Sig Sheet”) is an internal document required (by University Policy R10.01) with all research grant applications. It provides details about your funding application which helps not just with project setups, but also with resource planning and ensuring compliance for your team, Department and the university. It is your responsibility as the Principal Investigator (PI) to submit all SFU Signature Sheets to Research Services by the SFU Internal deadline date.

Some sponsors require a cover page or document signed by an “institutional representative” to support your application. It is a good practice to let Research Services know that an institutional signature is required for your application when you are submitting the Signature Sheet. Research Services cannot provide institutional signature for applications not supported by a Signature Sheet because we have no confirmation from the Chair and the Dean with regard to the proposed activities.


Download the SFU Signature Sheet