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  1. Receiving an Award
  2. Communication of Award Results


Receiving an Award

When a researcher is notified of funding, Research Services will support them in accepting the award, satisfying any applicable conditions and notifying Research Accounting so that the account for spending can be established.

  • Notification. Research Services will accept and review the notification that the research project is awarded. If the notice comes to the researcher directly, please send a copy to Research Services as soon as possible so there is no delay in accessing funds.
  • Research agreement negotiation. If the award is in the form of a contract or agreement, or if it is conditional on establishing an agreement, Research Services will be in contact with both the Principle Investigator and the sponsor (and other parties if necessary) regarding any negotiations of terms and conditions that may need to take place. This is an important step as it ensures the sponsor’s expectations are in line with the researcher's ability to deliver. In the background, Research Services also works with Research Accounting to identify and mitigate any financial risks in the agreement.
  • Research compliance. In order to perform reasonable and ethical research, research compliance requirements will need to be completed if the research involves human participants, animals, biological safety and radiological safety. Research Services cannot approve any account for setup until all certificates are received.
  • Award approval. Once the terms and conditions are negotiated and accepted and all compliance requirements are met, Research Services will approve the award and enter the award parameters (e.g., start date, end date, funding source, amount approved, etc.) into a database.
  • Account set up. Once funds are received from the sponsor, Research Services notifies Research Accounting to create an account for the project. Research Accounting will directly communicate with the researcher about how instalments will be released.

Communication of Award Results

Research Services receives notification via email or mailed documents from the majority of funding agencies. Upon receiving a notification, Research Services:

  • notifies applicants about individual results, and
  • emails Tri-Agency notification list to Deans, Chairs, Directors, VPR and Research Grant Facilitators

Some results for major competitions are posted on sponsor's websites. If you cannot find the results and have not received a notice from the sponsor, please contact Research Services ( for more information.

The Notice of Award (NOA) is an official award document notifying that a research project has been awarded.  It will be sent to Research Services and/or PI by the funding agency after the initial release of competition results to confirm award details. Some agencies, such as CIHR, communicate results to applicants directly. In these cases, please contact Research Services ( as soon as possible and send them your NOA in order to prevent delays.

Last updated: March 26, 2024