Colin Copeland, P.Eng.

Associate Professor, School of Sustainable Energy Engineering



Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London, 2010

M.A.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, University of Waterloo, 2005

B.Eng., Mechanical Engineering, Ryerson University, 2003


Industrial and research interests

  • Radial Turbomachinery Design and Optimization
  • Metal Additive Manufacturing
  • Shape optimization for enhanced aerodynamic and thermal performance
  • Sustainable Combustion
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Shock-wave Rotors
  • Combined Heat and Power
  • Sustainable Buildings


Teaching interests

  • Heat Transfer
  • Thermodynamics
  • Fluid Dynamics


Recently taught courses

  • SEE 324 - Heat and Mass Transfer
  • SEE 893 - Special Topics I



Selected recent publications

  • Stefan Tuechler, Colin Copeland. (2020). Numerical optimisation of a micro-wave rotor turbine using a quasi-two-dimensional CFD model and a hybrid algorithm. Shock Waves. (In Press)
  • Zheng Liu, Colin D Copeland. (2020). Optimization of a Radial Turbine for Pulsating Flows. J. of Eng. for Gas Turbines and Power. 142(5): 051009,
  • Stefan Tüchler, Colin D. Copeland. (2020). Experimental and numerical assessment of an optimised, nonaxial wave rotor turbine. Applied Energy. 268,
  • Katherine H. Powers, Chris J. Brace, Chris J. Budd, Colin D. Copeland, Paul A. Milewski. (2020). Modelling Axisymmetric Centrifugal Compressor Characteristics from First Principles. Journal of Turbomachinery. 142(9): 091010,
  • Noémie Chagnon-Lessard, Colin Copeland, François Mathieu-Potvin, Louis Gosselin. (2020). Maximizing specific work output extracted from engine exhaust with novel inverted Brayton cycles over a large range of operating conditions. Energy. 191
  • Stefan Tüchler*, Colin D. Copeland. (2020). Validation of a Numerical Quasi-One-Dimensional Model for Wave Rotor Turbines With Curved Channels. J. of Eng. for Gas Turbines and Power. 142(2): 021017
  • Stefan Tüchler, Colin D. Copeland. (2019). Experimental results from the Bath μ-wave rotor turbine performance tests. Journal of Energy Conversion and Management. 189, 33-48.
  • Ian Kennedy, Zhihang Chen, Bob Ceen, Simon Jones, Colin D. Copeland. (2019). Experimental Investigation of an Inverted Brayton Cycle for Exhaust Gas Energy Recovery. Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power. 141(3): 032301
  • Ian Kennedy, Tomasz Duda*, Zheng Liu*, Bob Ceen, Andy Jones, Colin D. Copeland. (2019). Investigation into a Combined Inverted Brayton and Rankine Cycle. Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power. 141(12): 121009
  • Ramkumar Vijayakumar, Sam Akehurst, Zheng Liu, Miguel A. Reyes-Belmonte, Chris. J. Brace, Dai Liu*, Colin D. Copeland. (2019). Design and testing a bespoke cylinder head pulsating flow generator for a turbocharger gas stand. Energy. 189, 116291.
  • Stefan Tüchler, Zhihang Chen, Colin D. Copeland. (2018). Multipoint shape optimisation of an automotive radial compressor using a coupled computational fluid dynamics and genetic algorithm approach. Energy. 165, 543-561

Selected recent patents

  • Colin Copeland, Robert Ceen, Simon Jones. Inverted brayton cycle heat engine. United States. US20180371954A1. Patent Pending
  • Colin D Copeland, Robert Ceen, Simon L. Jones, Andrew Robert Jones. Turbine for use with at least two working fluids. United Kingdom. EP3635222A1. Patent Pending
  • Charles Capon Geoff, Witt Dennis, Copeland D. Colin, Akehurst Sam. A hot gas pulse generator and a turbocharger testing apparatus including same. United Kingdom. GB2536760A. Patent Granted

Scholarly activities and affiliations

Editorial Board - Vehicles (ISSN 2624-8921)

Organization Committee - IMECHE Turbochargers and Turbocharging

Visiting Professor - University of Bath, UK