Zafar Adeel 

Professor of Professional Practice

email: zafar_adeel@sfu.ca

Colin Copeland

Associate Professor
Graduate Program Chair

email: ccopelan@sfu.ca

Mahda Jahromi

Undergraduate Program Accreditation Chair

email: mahda_jahromi@sfu.ca

Sami Khan

Assistant Professor

email: s_khan@sfu.ca

Taco Niet

Assistant Professor of Professional Practice

email: taco_niet@sfu.ca

Mariana Resener

Adjunct Professor
(Joining as Assistant Professor on January 1)

email: mariana_resener@sfu.ca

Mehran Ahmadi

Associate Director and Lecturer
Undergraduate Curriculum Chair

email: mehran_ahmadi@sfu.ca

Vahid Hosseini

Associate Professor

email: v_hosseini@sfu.ca

Gordon McTaggart-Cowan

Associate Professor

email: gmctagga@sfu.ca

Kevin Oldknow

Director and Associate Professor

email: kevin_oldknow@sfu.ca

Associate Members

Patrick Palmer

School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering

email: patrick_palmer@sfu.ca

Administrative Team

Operation and Administrative Services Manager

Yan Huang

email: fas_admin_manager@sfu.ca
phone: [778] 782-7014

Program Assistant


email: fas_pgm_asst@sfu.ca
phone: [778] 782-7041


Administration and Financial Assistant

Niki Silva (on leave)

email: fas_sry_admin@sfu.ca
phone: [778] 782-7038

Administrative Assistant

Mekita Ahmadi

email: see_admin_assistant@sfu.ca
phone: [778] 782-7038

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