Has your SFU Mail account been migrated?

If your SFU Mail account has been migrated, the IMAP settings on this page will not work for you. Visit IMAP Setup on IT ServiceHub for the latest information.


SFU Mail has two fully supported desktop applications, Outlook 2016 for PC and Mac. For optimal experience with Outlook desktop applications, we recommend connecting using the native Exchange Protocols (EWS or MAPI).

Any other third party desktop applications, such as Apple Mail and Thunderbird, will be partially supported.

IMAP with the Outlook 2016 desktop applications are fully supported at SFU. Any IMAP connections with third party desktop applications will be partially supported. Individual departments may support desktop applications or mobile devices for their faculty and staff.

Using the Outlook Web App (OWA) before setting up a desktop application is strongly recommended, as it requires the least amount of setup to use. You may also opt to use the web application interchangeably with a desktop application.


  • Incoming: IMAP    
    • Server hostname: imapnew.sfu.ca         
    • Port: 993    
    • SSL: SSL/TLS    
    • Authentication: Normal password
  • Outgoing (unchanged): SMTP    
    • Server hostname: mailgate.sfu.ca    
    • Port: 465    
    • SSL: SSL/TLS    
    • Authentication: Normal password

Always be aware of when and where your SFU credentials (i.e., SFU computing ID and password) are being stored.  Third party email applications (such as Thunderbird and Apple Mail) or services like Gmail store your SFU credentials when used to check your SFU email via IMAP.  Make sure that your SFU credentials are only stored on a computer or site that you trust.

To ensure email password security, configuring your email application to use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is required.

When your email application is configured to use SSL, it will encrypt all traffic between the application and server so that your password cannot be easily intercepted by unauthorized individuals.

Read more about SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)