Mobile Devices

All users can access their SFU email, calendars, and contacts through their mobile devices. For optimal user experience on iPhone and Android devices, connect using ActiveSync instead of IMAP.  

Still waiting for your SFU Mail account activation?

Please do not attempt to setup your mobile or desktop applications prior to your account being activated in SFU Mail. Doing so may result in connectivity or synchronization issues once your account is activated. If you have done so in error, you can delete the account and add it again after your account activation.

Outlook Mobile Apps and privacy concerns

The Outlook Mobile Apps (iOS and Android) are blocked from accessing SFU Mail servers due to concerns regarding privacy. The Outlook Mobile Apps are known to store users' credentials and data in Microsoft's cloud infrastructure, and are therefore noncompliant with BC's FIPPA legislation.

Setup Instructions

Setting up your WiFi connection

While at any SFU campus, please ensure that you connect to WiFi (via SFUNET-SECURE or SFUNET) prior to attempting the setup of your SFU Mail account on your mobile device. Using SFUNET-SECURE is recommended, as it provides optimal security and does not require you to manually sign in with every session.

To set up SFUNET-SECURE, follow the steps indicated on the IT Services Wireless Services Page.