Set up your Mail app on your Android device. The steps below are based on Android 7.1.2 .

Note regarding the "activate device administrator" prompt

When setting up an Android device, you will be asked to activate a "device administrator", allowing an SFU system administrator to perform actions such as locking the screen and erasing data only if deemed necessary (for example, in the event of device theft or loss). SFU system administrators will never perform these actions without your consent. These are policies imposed by Exchange ActiveSync to enforce a consistent level of security and administrator control. This policy was also in place with SFU Connect.

Setting up your WiFi connection

While at any SFU campus, please ensure that you connect to WiFi (via SFUNET-SECURE or SFUNET) prior to attempting the setup of your SFU Mail account on your mobile device. Using SFUNET-SECURE is recommended, as it provides optimal security and does not require you to manually sign in with every session.

To set up SFUNET-SECURE, follow the steps indicated on the IT Services Wireless Services Page.

Android device setup steps

step 1

On your Android device, go to Settings > Accounts.

step 2

Under Accounts, select Add Account.

step 3

Select Exchange as the account you want to add on your device.

step 4

Enter your SFU email and press Next.

Note: For this step, be sure to add your email address as and not your alias (

step 5

Enter your SFU password and press Next.

step 6

You will be asked to send account information, select OK.

step 7

Ensure that the server is set as "" Press Next.

step 8

You will be asked to confirm the security control of your device from the SFU Mail server, press OK.

step 9

Scroll down and select Activate this device administrator. Read more about this here. 

step 10

Your SFU email will be set up and will begin receiving emails.  Select Next.

step 11

Your SFU Exchange Mail account will now show up as one of the accounts set up on your device.

step 12

Enter your email client and you will be able to access SFU Mail on your Android device.