Set Up Email Templates

Outlook for PC

Use the My Templates add-in to insert pre-loaded text into an email. Templates created in this add-in will sync between OWA and Outlook 2016 for PC. The My Templates add-in is not available for Outlook 2016 for Mac.

This page outlines how to use the My Templates add-in in the Outlook 2016 for PC desktop application.

Note: My Templates is a Microsoft add-in that is not officially supported by IT Services.

Using Email Templates

1. The My Templates add-in must be accessed from a new message composition window. Click New Email from the mail module to open a new message.

2. Within the new message composition window, click Office Add-Ins in the top right hand corner of the ribbon.

3. This will open a window with a list of the add-ins currently available to you. Double-click My Templates to open the add-in.

4. The My Templates add-in will appear on the left hand side of your message composition window, with three templates are available by default. Select one to insert specific text into the body of your message. For example, if you select I'll reply later, the message "Heading to a meeting. I'll get back to you soon." will be included in the email message you're writing. To add a template to the My Templates add-in, select the '+ Template' button.

5.Type a title for the template and the text you want to have inserted in your email, and then select Save. To format the text of a template, it is recommended that you type your message in the body of a new email, apply desired formatting, then copy and paste. 

7. To edit the text in a template, select Edit, add or modify text as needed, and then select Save. To delete a template, select the Trash icon next to the template you want to delete. The template is deleted immediately, and there is no undo option.