Viewing Mail

Discover the different options for sorting your messages within SFU Mail. Click on message list options, reading pane options, view message headers, and time and date options below to learn more.

Message List Options

Learn the different ways in which you can view and organize your message list, including filtering and sorting your messages.

Reading Pane Options

In SFU Mail there are three display options for your Reading Pane. Click the links below to discover how to change your reading pane settings in the Outlook applications.

View Message Headers

Viewing message headers allows you to see all the details of a message, usually used in reporting spam messages. Click the buttons below to find out where to find message headers.

Time and Date Options

Click the button below to learn how to change your time and date settings in the Outlook Web App, including changing between 12-hour time format and 24-hour time format.

Note: time and date options for desktop applications are determined by the operating system settings.