Mature Student

If you are 23 or older (before the start of classes for the semester you are applying to), are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and have attempted less than 24 units of transferable course work, you may be given consideration as a mature student.

In addition to normal documents, you must submit a personal information profile and at least one letter of reference. We give preference to applicants who have successfully completed some post-secondary work, usually four transferable academic courses (12 units), and ensured that they have no background deficiencies in essay writing, mathematics, etc.

The deadline for submitting the personal information profile is the same as the application deadline.

Applicants for degree programs are expected to meet the literacy and quantitative and analytical skills competency requirements specified for transfer students. Applicants who have attempted a year or more of transferable post-secondary work (24 units or more) are ineligible for mature student entry but may be considered for admission as transfer students.

Applications will be considered only if this form is submitted online by the application deadline and at least one letter of reference is received no later than six weeks after the application deadline.

To apply, fill out this form and then click the "Submit my application" button at the end.



Please provide the name, address, phone number and email of your primary and secondary referees.

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