UGGLA Family Scholarship

The application period for Fall 2024 is now closed.

This scholarship was created in perpetuity to:

  • Reduce financial and other barriers students face when accessing post-secondary education
  • Foster academic achievement
  • Ensure successful transition to university learning and life
  • Build confidence and develop life skills
  • Position students for career and leadership success
  • Build a life-long international community in partnership with the Uggla Family Scholars program at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and graduates of the Shitima School in Kabwe, Zambia
  • Foster networks for life through a dynamic alumni cohort

About the Uggla family

Learn more about the Uggla family and why they created this scholarship.


Ten scholarships are awarded each year to students who face significant financial barriers to participation in post-secondary education. This may include students who identify as Indigenous, Black, or a person of colour, students living with disabilities, LGBTQIA2S+ students, and students of all gender identities. The intent of the Uggla Family Scholarship is to promote equity and remove historical and existing discrimination, including barriers to full participation in social, cultural, economic and political life.

Other eligibility criteria include:

  • Available to domestic (Canadian) students admitted for the fall term to any undergraduate degree.

How to apply

Please see below for an overview of what to expect, and advice for completing your scholarship application. The deadline to apply is January 22, 2024.

Number of scholarships available:

Ten scholarships per year


You must submit an application to be considered for an entrance scholarship.


Application for Fall 2024 is open until January 22, 2024.

Application Process

The following provides a summary of what you can expect to complete as part of the Uggla Family Scholarship application:

  • Financial need assessment (family income disclosure)
  • A written statement (250 words max) about your academic potential and goals
  • An explanation of your achievements and contributions (250 words max)
  • A short essay sharing your future goals and how these goals have been informed by your personal experiences (750 words)
  • Letters of support:
    • Two letters of support from individuals (not family members) who can comment on your personal qualities and experiences. These individuals must have direct knowledge of information you discussed in your application, such as your academic accomplishments, extra-curricular activities, work, volunteer, or personal achievements.
    • In lieu of one letter of support, you may choose to include a supporting
      document, such as (but not limited to) a certificate of appreciation, media story or community publication.

Your application materials will be reviewed by members of the admissions department of SFU, as well as members of the Uggla Family and Trustees of the Uggla Family Foundation who reside outside of Canada.

All applications materials will be kept confidential to the reviewing team.

How to prepare for the application

As you prepare to submit your application for the Uggla Family Scholarship, please review the following tips:

  1. Start thinking about your application now, including who will provide your letters of support or supporting documentation.
  2. Reach out early to the people you are asking to write you letters of support. Don’t wait until the last minute.
  3. Read through the whole application first before starting to respond. To review all questions, you will need to enter at least one word into each question box prior to clicking "Next"; you will be able to return to the question and edit your response by hitting the back button.
  4. Before you start writing, spend time reflecting on how your experiences – both challenges and achievements – have shaped who you are today.
  5. Be authentic. Ensure you are presenting your unique voice and individual story, even the imperfect stuff. We want to learn about you, not an idealized person who you think would be awarded the scholarship.
  6. Take your time. Think about drafting your written responses in a word processor application (e.g., Microsoft Word). While you can save responses in the application itself, it is helpful to have a record of your responses.
  7. You can return to your saved responses via the application link. Each time you return you will be prompted to complete the authentication process.
  8. Accuracy counts. Make sure to review all information provided, as SFU will verify it. We take any falsification of information and/or plagiarism very seriously.
  9. Plan ahead and be prepared for any logistical considerations. Apply before the deadline so you don’t miss it, and provide your referees the information they need in advance so they can write your letters (especially over the holidays!).

Application Timeline

Date Deadline
October 4, 2023 Applications open
January 22, 2024 Deadline to apply to Uggla Family Scholarship
February to March 2024 Uggla Family Scholarship applications reviewed and evaluated
April to May 2024 Uggla Family Scholarship winners announced

Are international students eligible to apply?

The Uggla Family Scholarship is only available to Domestic Canadian students.

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Do I need to provide any documentation?

Yes. You are required to provide two letters of support from individuals who can directly comment about your personal qualities, as well as the experiences you describe in your application, including your academic strengths, extra-curricular activities, work, volunteer and/or personal achievements. Please note that your letters must not be from family members. As noted above, a financial need assessment (family income disclosure) is also required.

In lieu of one letter of support, you may choose to include a supporting document, such as (but not limited to) a certificate of appreciation, media story or community publication.

Accepted file types are DOC (preferred), PDF or JPG with a maximum file size of 3 MB.

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Due to school policy, I am unable to upload my letter of support. What can I do?

If, due to school policy, you are unable to upload your letter of support directly to the application portal, please upload a document that includes the following:

  1. Your First Name, Last Name and SFU ID (which you will receive as part of the application process)
  2. First Name and Last Name of who is providing a letter of support for you
  3. Email address of your supporter
  4. Indicate how you know this supporter

Separately, please email your letters of support to with your name and SFU ID clearly identified.

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How are applications submitted?

The application is completed online through electronic submission.

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What does the scholarship cover?

The Uggla Family Scholarship will provide funding for:

  • All tuition and fees
  • Textbooks and materials
  • On-campus housing fees
  • On-campus meal plan
  • Access to additional financial support through the Uggla Family Scholarship Program

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What other benefits will I get if I receive this scholarship?

Successful Uggla Family Scholarship recipients will join a community of scholars from Simon Fraser University, the London School of Economics and graduates of the Shitima School in Kabwe, Zambia. Scholars will also benefit from a comprehensive suite of supportive programming throughout their four years of study including interaction with the Uggla Family and Trustees of the Uggla Family Foundation.

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How many years does the scholarship cover?

You will receive funding for each term of your academic program as long as you meet and maintain scholarship renewal criteria, such as minimum course enrollment, minimum academic standing, and scholars program involvement.

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Am I still eligible for the Uggla Family Scholarship if I was awarded an SFU Entrance Scholarship?

Yes, even if you have been awarded an SFU Entrance Scholarship you will still be considered for the Uggla Family Scholarship. However, if you receive an Uggla Family Scholarship offer in April - May, you will need to choose which of the two scholarships you wish to receive.

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The deposit for SFU is due May 1, 2024. When will I find out if I have been awarded the Uggla Family Scholarship?

We will notify candidates in late April if they have been shortlisted, and will waive the deposit for these shortlisted candidates. Confirmation of the deposit waiver will be included in the message candidates receive when they are told they have been shortlisted, and will also be visible in your student account.

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