Academic support throughout your studies

University may be an entirely new experience for you and it can take time to adjust to some changes, especially in a new country. We’ve set up supports to help you succeed and get back on track whenever you encounter any challenges throughout your studies.

Academic Support

Academic Advisors

Student Services Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors at Student Services are available for newly-admitted students, undeclared students with fewer than 60 units, or if you're facing academic difficulty. They can help you understand your degree requirements and also help you plan and align your degree with your personal, educational, and professional goals.

Departmental Academic Advisors

Departmental Academic Advisors are available for students with more than 60 units and who are approved in an area of specialization (i.e. a major or minor) in a faculty, or are ready to have a specialization approved. They can help you understand and plan your specific degree program requirements.

Academic Support

Find community-based resources

Student Learning Commons

The Student Learning Commons (SLC) is a collaborative peer-learning environment that has programs to help you improve written and conversational English, and to learn how to improve your study, academic writing, research, and time management skills.

Resources for writing support, consultations and presentations

Peer Tutors and Mentors

Peer tutors and mentors are experienced SFU students who can support you with specific academic advice relevant to your program or faculty. These are just some of the peer tutor and mentor groups at SFU:

Peer Tutors and Mentors by Program or Faculty

Academic Support

Programs to assist you

Academic planning page

Navigating your steps from your very first term at university to graduation can seem a bit challenging at first, but we'll help guide you. Even as a new student, you'll want to start planning early towards degree completion, learn how to balance your course load each term, and explore your options for assistance depending on your student needs.

Visit the academic planning page

Back on Track

We want to ensure students succeed in their academic and personal pursuits. The Back on Track Program offers students facing academic difficulty the opportunity to assess their academic choices, analyze their challenges, strengthen their skills, and develop strategies for future academic and personal success.

Accessible Learning

Students with documented or suspected disabilities can work with the Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) to discuss eligibility requirements and arrange for disability-related services and accommodation to support your academic needs. You'll also find information about inclusive, accessible education at SFU through CAL.