Getting ready to study in Canada

Pursuing your studies in a university abroad is an exciting prospect. Many educational and career opportunities will become possible when you arrive in Canada, but there are a number of things to first prepare before you leave your home country—we suggest you start on them early!

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Getting ready

Apply for your study permit

You'll need a study permit issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to be eligible to study at SFU. Several steps are involved, including submitting a provincial attestation letter (PAL) for your study permit application, and processing can take up to several weeks. Apply early to ensure your application is processed on time and aligns with SFU's admission timeline.

Learn more about study permits

Getting ready

Consider your housing options

SFU Residence and Housing

Apply to live on SFU Burnaby campus through Residence & Housing—be steps away from your classes and on-campus amenities, like our 24/7 Dining Commons and recreational facilities, make friends from around the world who are also away from home, and connect with the greater SFU community to enrich your student experience.

Off-campus Housing

You can also choose to live off-campus in the surrounding communities of Greater Vancouver. Make lasting connections with locals in your neighbourhood and be within an easy commute from the beach, parks and hiking trails, vibrant urban spots, and our lively downtown to suit your lifestyle!

Getting ready

Start doing research about life in Vancouver

Life in Vancouver Guide

There's no shortage of information out there about Greater Vancouver and the great things about living here. However, we've created our own comprehensive guide with international students in mind, covering relevant topics like meeting new people, Vancouver's foodie and outdoorsy culture, social customs, community values, local lingo, and more, so we suggest you start here!

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