Diverse qualifications admission - more than grades

SFU understands that your academic transcript might not tell your whole story or show your full potential. We welcome applicants who meet our minimum admission requirements and have demonstrated commitment and/or excellence in other endeavours, or students who have succeeded in their studies despite difficult circumstances. SFU Diverse Qualifications Admission allows us to see beyond your academic transcript by taking more than your grades into consideration.

Diverse Qualifications Admission applicants may include:

  • Students with refugee backgrounds
  • Student athletes or students who have shown commitment to an extracurricular activity or artistic endeavour
  • Students with learning exceptionalities
  • Students who have displayed dedication to learning in the face of socio-economic challenges
  • Students who have overcome systemic barriers, sociocultural adversity or personal hardship

Please note, the above examples are not exhaustive. SFU is committed to evaluating applicants in an equitable manner. If you believe that your full potential is not represented by your grades, you are welcome to apply via Diverse Qualifications Admission. 

Applicants who wish to be considered via Diverse Qualifications Admissions must meet the following requirements:

Note: If you have been required to withdraw from a recognized university, you are not eligible to apply under Diverse Qualifications.

Application procedure

Step 1: Apply for undergraduate admission at

Step 2: Fill out a personal information profile after you have received your SFU ID number or application number.

Step 3: Provide two referees. You will need to provide us with the contact information for an educator who knows you well (a teacher or professor who can speak to your academic ability and work as a student) and a character reference (a group leader, coach, mentor, school counsellor, settlement worker, or someone aware of your personal situation). Have one of your referees email a reference letter to - this reference letter should support the information you have outlined in your personal information profile.

Deadline: The deadlines to complete your personal information profile and submit your reference letter are:

  • October 15, 2021 when applying for the Spring (January) 2022 term 
  • February 28, 2022 when applying for the Summer (May) 2022 term
  • February 28, 2022 when applying for the Fall (September) 2022 term

Prospective Student Athletes NCAA Eligibility

Prospective student athletes applying under this process should be aware that admission to the university via Diverse Qualifications does not guarantee eligibility to play as a varsity athlete. Please discuss the varsity eligibility requirements for your particular sport with your prospective coach before applying.