Quantitative and Analytical Skills Requirement

As an applicant to an SFU undergraduate program, you must demonstrate your competence in quantitative and analytical skills.

You must demonstrate this competence in one of the following ways:
A minimum grade of 60% or C in a senior level math course or precalculus


A minimum score of 3 in IB Mathematics (HL/SL), Mathematics Analysis and Approaches (HL/SL), Mathematics Applications or Interpretations (HL/SL) or Math Studies (SL)


A minimum D grade in GCE A or AS level math; or a minimum C- grade in GCSE O-level math


A grade of C- or better in a 3-unit math or certified Q (quantitative) course that transfers to SFU (for college and university transfer students).

NOTE: a minimum grade of 70% is required in one of the acceptable Math courses used for admission in order to enroll directly in Q courses. See more information.

Undergraduate Application for Admission open dates

Admission for

Application period

Fall 2021 October 1 – January 31
Summer 2021 October 1 – January 31
Spring 2021 August 1 – September 15