Sustainable Energy Engineering Supplemental


The Sustainable Energy Engineering program will not require a supplemental application. This is a temporary change that applies only to undergraduate applications to SEE for Summer and Fall 2024.

If you have questions, please email

Students are selected for admission to the Sustainable Energy Engineering (SEE) program based on a combination of academic performance and responses to a supplemental application. Instructions on how to submit the supplemental application are provided to applicants after their application for admission is received.

Entrance Scholarship applicants

A complete entrance scholarship application for eligible students will be used in lieu of the supplemental application for the SEE program. Please complete only one application. Learn more about Entrance Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries.

What to expect

Marks matter, but so do your experiences! All SEE high school and college/university transfer applicants must complete the supplemental application by the deadline on your To-Do list on goSFU. Understanding your interest and aptitude for studying sustainable energy engineering is important to us and the supplemental application provides the opportunity for you to tell us about yourself beyond grades.

The supplemental application contains five, 100-word, short-answer questions which ask about your:

  • interest in studying SEE;
  • approach to working through problems and challenges;
  • involvement in communities or groups.

You can complete and save sections of the supplemental application before submitting it to us. See your To-Do List on goSFU for instructions on accessing the application, deadlines, and all other required admissions documents.

For more information on the SEE program, please visit